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    I miss Legion Arcane Mage with legendary shoulders

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCLM View Post
    I miss Legion Arcane Mage with legendary shoulders
    Yeah that was pretty fun! Arcane orb was a cool spell in D3 and I had a lot of fun with it in Legion.

    I still use it in BFA since my mage is just a shitty alt but it’s not as fun :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    Unfortunately arcane needs an overhaul, not just a buff. They have added so many diablo devs to wow, yet didnt borrow anything from wizards.

    What I would like to see:

    Give Mages Archon and Obliteration orb.
    Arcane power as resource instead of mana and make it a 15-yards "melee" class.
    Archon the giga CD and Obliteration orb something that you powerup and drop with a short cd (10-12s) for massive smash.

    Change arcane barrage to something more exciting visually

    Spectral Blade instead of arcane blast as resource builder which applies magic debuff vulnerability like DH.

    Slow time (the bubble) - all buffs duration increased by 50% for 10s with 3 min cd. puts a debuff on player when u get the buff.

    Energy armor - all allies around 20y and you gain resources faster 10% faster (rage, energy, balance power, focus, fury, etc.)

    mirror image - 20s duration, all dmg taken by you redirected to the images until they die (instead of ice block)

    black hole - copy the dota 2 spell but not channeled

    Basically just spice up the above, e.g.

    maybe a talent to make magic missile hit 3 targets always (but only does more dmg if all 3 hit)
    obliteration orb made passive to shoot out every 4 missiles but does less dmg than dumping a huge one
    spectral blade cleave or applying a stacking dot only on 1 target, or maybe allows you to knock target once per 12 s
    black hole instead of dmg just stuns all enemies inside
    supernova change to mass interrupt instead of knockup
    slow time talent to reduce debuffs duration instead of increasing buffs duration

    Melee-type caster, can add cool 2hander INT swords, energy armor having greatest impact on melees (energy/rage/fury/etc), focused mostly on pumping out obliteration orbs or barrage or smth and with cool utility via slow time/black hole

    Utility above alone will make it pretty fun to play in m+ and aoe will actually be exciting (pumping out orbs, black holes, maybe some cool 3rd spell).

    wizard chasing u down with a 2hander and smashing ur face would be fun to watch instead of pillar humping for 10min

    I mean, the one thing diablo 3 does really right is that its FLASHY. so just borrow the flashy stuff and make this spec finally fucking exciting instead of ABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABABAB evo.
    I surely think that they need indeed a overhaul too. The abilities are not much interesting, but also i feel like arcane needs to be more relevant, i love arcane a lot and i prefer playing arcane than just frost or just fire, i'm still using arcane atm

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    Arcane could work something like this:

    Arcane Power in conjunction with Mana. Both resources constantly regenerate; spells that cost Arcane Power don't cost Mana, and vice-versa. The idea is that you use Arcane Power spells while your Mana regenerates, and Mana spells while your Arcane Power regenerates. There should also be a spell on a long-ish cooldown that allows you to dump your Arcane Power pool into your Mana pool, in order to retain the "dump phase" mechanic of Arcane while sprucing up the "maintain phase" mechanic a little bit.

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