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    ....have you even used blink in classic?

    or a mage ever?

    Blink's always been sketchy.. in retail it's really much better.. sorry if you don't understand your talent, and maybe inscription choice...

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    I actually agree with the OP.

    Blink is occasionally a bit borked.

    But my main gripe with it, is the fact that when I press the button and happen to be quick-swiping, the thing is delayed wayyy much. So in so, that it often blinks 30 degrees behind where I was actually aiming when I clicked the button.

    It's weird. But it happens.

    The failures of moving forward I can mostly anticipate though, since it's just the way the game is. If you cross over some overlapping junctions such as the outside and the entrance of a cave. Then blinking in from the outside will always land you at the contact between the two.
    Retail and classic.

    Although, it is not exactly annoying me, but it is noticeable. And I'd also agree that it's happening more often then classic too, but that's also a bit obvious as to why and because of that it's also not as annoying to me as to some here apparently.

    The 30 degree delay at times though, damn that. Input lag, but it could be some graphical glitch specific to my config and setup.

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    Nonsense, blink in classic behaves exactly the way as it does in retail.

    In real vanilla it was the client who sent the new location, blink was literally without any tiny delay and led to blinking below the ground or get stuck in walls.
    Today in both retail and classic the server tells you were you are going to end up, adding a small delay. And just like in retail there is no telling what will happen when you blink mid air, sometimes it propells you forward, sometimes just directly on the ground, and sometimes forward and then on the ground.

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    Classic has extremely little content if you're not a raider or a serious PvP:er, however I'm beginning to feel that the content it does have is way too easy. Raids are cleared the first reset by most guilds and then you're back to raid logging for farm raids that are almost as easy as LFR is in retail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qnubi View Post
    Has anyone else noticed that the way classic handles blink is simply better in every way? You don't get stuck on entrances, you can blink midair and not just teleport downwards but rather get ahead. You can even blink to some extent up on hills. It just feels way better and responsive and does what it should, teleport you FORWARD. On retail, blinking before stairs: Can't get up, makes no fucking sense. Cave entrance: NOPE, can't teleport through an OPEN entrance, no fucking sense. I hate it so much now that I have blink in Classic. How did they manage to make Blink so bad compared to a 15 year old version. It's unbelievable.
    Nah i just did sm cath and blink didn't go anywhere multiple times because of the fountain.

    It's most likely because vanilla terrain is flat as fuck while retail is all over the place
    im cool pls respodn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post
    Have you actually tried using Blink on retail, or are you just doing the usual song and dance performed whenever someone toots the horn of Classic...?

    And I love my ability to blink in the direction that I'm moving rather than always forward, just saying.
    I'd say this...probably just another e-peen contest being flashed by yet another classic player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    You know what else is better on classic? The backpack. Those 16 slots are special, I'm telling you!
    man devs back then knew things, not like devs now where they make 30 slot backpacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuni Zyrekai View Post
    Considering I just Blinked up the stairs and into Snug Harbour Inn, can't relate.
    Clearly superior then us all.

    I always blink into the bridge in Iron Forge between the AH and bank

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    Both incarnations are still a buggy mess. :P

    When the day comes that Blink can still take me over the bridge in Ironforge (not through it), then we'll talk

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    This thread is pointless, because Shimmer exists in retail. 2 Charges of Blink, can be cast while casting.
    Way better.

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