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    I don't know I think as far as the classes go I think they're fine in my opinion. I mean there are a few class specs that I'm not a big fan of like beast master and survival hunters (beast masters are just a little too weird for me and survival just feels very limited in terms of abilities you can use). Enhancement shamans, in my opinion, are the best they've ever been, I have so much fun on mine. Fire mages as well, probably my second favorite class to play as with enhancement shamans being my favorite.

    The talent "trees" or whatever you want to call them these days are shallow though. I mean there might as well not even be one since they mostly feel the same throughout all classes and all but the last two talents hardly benefit you. However because of how bare bone it is I often forget about it so it doesn't really affect me much.

    It's not that they let it get "bad" it's just that they want to widen their audience and to do that they need to make the game more accessible to people who have never played these kinds of games before or just WoW. By simplifying the game it makes it easier for newcomers to understand and control. Which I think is stupid because I liked WoW when it felt like an RPG that had depth to it and not some free to play mobile game but it is what it is.

    This game is no longer for a certain audience anymore, Blizzard wants everybody and their grandma to play. Why? More $$$$, that's why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnluckyAmateur View Post
    Again, I'm not entertaining you if you continue to throw out wild fallacies and having 100% faith that blizzard knows better than everyone else when that's been proven to be false and they've admitted to such numerous times.
    You must have a hard time reading, as I mentioned that I believe that blizzard can do better. But sure, keep throwing the word 'fallacies' around my good dude.

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