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    What links am I trying to post?

    New users cant post links, ok, thats fine. But what if my post doesnt conatin any links, and you wont let me post it because it has links/videos. Cant you highlight the text that is causing the error or something?

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    Make sure to put a space after a period.

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    Thanks, Ive checked and I cant see any issues. Im trying to post a PC build that im looking at, so it has a lot of numbers and - in it, wondering if that is the issue... I just realised M . 2 SSD. Maybe that is it!

    edit: Apparently not, added spaces to that and the 3. 7GHZ and still nothing
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    The @ symbol will trigger this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    The @ symbol will trigger this.
    Thats the one! Cheers!

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