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    Quote Originally Posted by Arakakao View Post
    They were free...
    Free and completely illegal. This fact is constantly and conveniently swept under the rug whenever posters brag about the staying power of Classic.

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    just shoot it up, noone cares

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meow View Post
    I just don’t want to see people using the reason to prove that Retail version will die.

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    For me Classic is like an undead child (only 5 GB). Many people miss it so Blizzard resurrected it, but this undead child will not grow or change in the future.
    Well i agree with you but im glad people enjoy it. I would love tbc in the future so i hope that classic will be a succes in the long run. Dot really get the hate both retail and classic get. Cant people just play what they want and be happy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afenar View Post
    someone still plays it... o_O
    Thats funny , i was about to say the same about BFA.
    Power corrupts, unlimited power... is even more fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arakakao View Post
    They were free...
    Yeah free with BIG risk of losing entire server and character progression. It's one of the reason I refuse to play on Private Server. I don't want to waste my time building up character only to lose it from Blizzard's lawsuit, host throwing tantrum, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pacster View Post
    Really? Today on my end it looked like 80% of my WoW playing friendlist have been logged into classic. I neither play classic nor I'm strictly neutral on that one.
    I expected the numbers to crumble way faster and am seriously surprised. I'd like to see how shocked they are at Blizz headquarters about that success...and watch them figure out how to deal with it now and work with it in the future(cause it's saying a lot about retail and that something went wrong there. Possibly too many time sinks and too much monetarization while ruining any sense of community and "achievement". But that is just my opinion.).
    In my friend list there was no one playing any Blizzard game for the past year or more.. now a dozend or more playing Classic.

    Yesterday on EU Gehennas I logged in at 6pm or so and I faced a 5000 queue .. about 3 hours. Same thing was the whole weekend
    Decided to log in to retail for once since the queue was so long but turns out you can't or you get log out of classic. So I went back to classic queue...

    But yeah I have to say that the original launch schedule is probably a bit too long considering how much more information people have and how much faster they level etc. There isn't that much new stuff to discover also because it is already known.
    MC and all is also cleared much quicker with 1.12 talents and the knowledge + addons etc.

    I would say the content launch schedule of EU suits better for Classic than the original US launch (2004 nov vs feb 2005?)

    What I'm trying to say is that now phase2 will be closer to what it was in EU launch than US launch.
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