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    It needs the D2 necromancer
    considering the d3 necro has all the abilities of the d2 necro what is your point
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    Diablo 4 needs an economy

    Even Diablo 3 on release had one. I completely stopped supporting the game when everything became untradable outside of your current in game party.

    Bind on pickup type stuff is what Ruined the entire D3 franchise for me i moved on to Path of Exile and many other games instead.

    They also need to bring back some kind of runeword type system or something or make cool stuff like etherial items again. And like crazy GG rares that are 0.001% chance at rolling.

    What i hated the most about d3 release was the limited slots for abilities and the severe lack of CUSTOMIZATION

    I STILL to this day boot up D2 LOD every now and again even with it being that old because the itemization / customization and economy are just that freaking good.
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    They need to move FAAAR away from MMO tier item progression first and for most.
    NO set items (which kills like half of your item slots for any forms of meaningful upgrades) No "+%100000 dmg to x skill" crap.
    Don't dumb down gameplay just because you want to release it on console too. PoE didn't and it works pretty decently.
    NO class fantasy shit ( wanna go whirlwind wizard for some fucked up reason? you got it!) which means no class locked skills (items providing +x to skills like D2)
    Make crafting actually mean something. That alone laids the groundwork for your trade based economy.
    Make gold actually meaningful.
    Legendaries that singlehandedly making builds available or boosting builds to next level. Not set items based 14 item slot locked boring as shit builds.

    I know it sounds a lot like PoE which is totally normal since they made a lot of things right for a game to have a healthy life span. No need to trying to invent the wheel once again.
    But i highly doubt current Blizzard has any actual talent or motivation left to come up something remarkable. They probably just rework some of D3's mechanics slap on some new graphics and release it.

    I hope they prove me wrong.

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