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    Unfair that Horde gets a cool new race and the Alliance gets a reskin...
    Vulpera are just goblins with fox heads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Usagi Senshi View Post
    After making a mechagnome warrior and going a few levels with her, I'm actually pretty impressed with them. Their animations are fantastic and so are the voices.

    If cross faction play happens I'll switch my rogue or warrior to one.
    Eh, maybe I'll just ditch my shaman idea and just change my warrior to a vulpera.

    They look really great in plate armor!

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    It's pretty lame that Vulpera don't have their own unique little starting area and are just thrown into Org. Maybe its temporary until their unlock quest gets added? They have that town that the Sethrak took over at the beginning of Vol'dun and everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightforged View Post
    Vulpera are just goblins with fox heads

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