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    Wrathion will probably be like "lol I need to test you to see if you can win"

    I really doubt he's going to be corrupted.
    Both pictures of him in the new creatures part at MMOchampion shows up like he is lost for good. Seens the second part of the fight he is leaking lava all over like his father.
    English is not my main language so grammar errors might happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keymil View Post
    Then screams "Azeroth is FREE!" and get to rule the oceans with tortollan
    Hahah, I imagine a Tortollan screaming "Azeroth is free"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guildenstern View Post
    What I really am looking forward to is Nzoth defeat cinematic. Thus this BfA nightmare would finally be over
    Bold of you to assume N'zoth's reign of evil will be over in one fucking patch.

    Bold but incredibly unlikely.

    Now you may be think! But Biz~ We dealt with Garrosh and Kil'jaeden in one patch!


    Kil'jaeden was a boss in burning crusade, as well- and garrosh was a spectacle who had the spotlight for three expansions before he got thrown off.

    N'zoth has been naught but an occult name scarcely mentioned even in this expansion, you think this punk is gonna go down in the first patch where he has a theme?

    You might as well imagne pigs are flying, only that may be more feasible in a game like wow.

    Although when i think about it the two old gods we've faced have only taken one patch to defeat- see Yogg'saron and C'thun both- so maybe this world-ending dipstick can be nullified in an instant. But what then?

    Rhetorical question: Void Lords. That's all we have left beyond a Banshee Queen who fittingly enough- has started using the powers of the Void Gods.
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