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    OH NO! A class/spec that's been blatantly OP for the entire expansion got nerfed and brought down to a reasonable level OH MY GOD! the horror

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    I don't even play druid and think that boomkin change is fucking weird. Moon/sunfire is the only thing that keeps druids viable for council fights and M+ and even then it's sub par compared to other dots, in PVP it can be removed constantly
    why do you even post if you dont understand the impact of those nerfs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkthunder View Post
    Glad you're a Blizzard Developer and understand how Shadow works.

    Bold of you to imply Blizzard's passable understanding of the classes they design holds a candle to the ever analytical playerbase. keeping in mind this is the company who couldn't clear mere trash in MC back when it was relevant content and that was back in vanilla when things weren't so complicated.

    Bold but incredibly misguided.

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