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    Really, you think it's more likely they based it on someone with a completely unrelated name and no connection to the moon whatsoever rather than someone with a name that's identical except for ONE LETTER and who's literally also a moon goddess?
    Story ripped from Tolkien, name ripped from D&D, "no one will figure out I'm stealing these ideas!". There, that wasn't hard. Metzen clearly started his elves based on those two sources, given things like "Silvermoon".
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    I'll buy an Anduin shirt if Delaryn doesn't end up betraying Sylvanas by the end of the expansion.
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    "Orc want, orc take." and "Orc dissagrees, orc kill you to win argument."
    Why no, people don't just like Sylvie for T&A:

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    I don't know about the mythology you're talking about, but Elune has a light side and a dark side (hence the Night Warrior Tyrande). It's plausible that she could be the fifth Old God that was sent to Azeroth that has been spoken of but never revealed, and she was somehow turned by the Naaru or whomever is head of the Light.
    If She is the WoW version of Iluvatar, then she is connected to EVERYTHING. Light, dark, fel, death, life, everything. The moon could be a callback to the Truman Show, where "god" based his control tower to look down upon creation.
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    I want the ruins of K'aresh for 9.0 as I envision it as Netherstorm on steroids. A broken, shattered world. Eco-domes are stuck on various chunks to protect flora & fauna. I imagine a K'aresh ocean & maybe some islands contained in an eco dome or a snow-capped peak with some jungle valleys in another. Flesh version of Ethereals that never got altered. Space platforms as in Starcraft. Just a totally fantastic tileset & theme that I'd be very keen to explore. They could do some wild things.

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    Naaru is the equivalent of the Old Gods
    And the fact that they can turn into Dark Naaru does not mean that they are not beings of Light

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    If She is the WoW version of Iluvatar, then she is connected to EVERYTHING. Light, dark, fel, death, life, everything. The moon could be a callback to the Truman Show, where "god" based his control tower to look down upon creation.
    Hmm. Well, if you pull in the Tauren religion then Elune (the moon) is just one eye of the Earthmother. The other eye is An'she (the sun). But no one knows who the Earthmother is...
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    Naaru are not the equivalent of void lords. Naaru are already "balanced" insofar that they can turn into dark Naaru.
    Xal'atath refers to them as their kin during Legion. It is possible that a Void Lords are Naaru stuck in the Void phase.
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    This is my 'theory' (uses a name and a few tidbits from the fake chronicles lV leak post) that attempts to answer everything at once:

    TLDR: Elune is a disabled half titan, half void lord who created the upgraded naaru. She is in two halves (the two moons) representing both light and dark. Old gods are pieces of a void lord, with the strongest being the organs.

    The titans each originally existed in a low intelligence state, in a yin yang type partnership with a lover. Elemental fragments existed in this time and represented light, void and others, in a similar yin yang situation but would switch randomly as they did not possess intelligence yet. As the titans grew in mental strength, so did the elemental fragments.

    As time passed, the titans became intelligent enough to be self-aware. Starting with Aman’Thul they awakened, and they began to ponder such things as time, strength, life, battle, wisdom, justice and order.

    After many millennia, the titans imbued the elemental fragments with the understanding they had gathered. By gaining the power of life, the elemental fragments then bestowed a gift in return to the titans, the ability to procreate.

    Sargeras and his lover Azurhe – the pair with the deepest bond were the first to seed a planet and have it reach adulthood. They named her Elune, and Sargeras created a fearsome sword in her honour, and swore to use it to protect her. The other titans followed, seeds growing into mighty planets. But these seeds did not get to meet both of their parents.

    Some of the titans argued that these planets should be given smaller creatures to protect their children, as elemental fragments that value strength and battle flew wildly throughout the universe, seeking something of interest. They were fearful for their children. This idea to create tiny ecosystems of life was accepted by all titans after much debate.

    They did not agree as to how they should govern these creatures. Half of the titans demanded that the creatures be able to live free from their influence and find their own path, while the other half demanded relentlessly that all life must be closely monitored and controlled, conforming to the strictest sense of order so that their duty protecting their children was never in doubt.

    Calm debates turned to arguments, and arguments turned to battles as Sargeras, who valued strength, raised his sword in protest. Followed closely by Aggramar, Sargeras defeated his opponents one after another in honourable combat, causing them to admit defeat and remove their vote of opposition. The decision was made to rule all life with an iron fist.

    So it began, taking whatever materials they could find on the surface of their seed planets and other planets, rocks, clay, and sometimes even elemental fragments who got caught in their way. The breath of life was given to them, and the chosen races and planets who were lucky enough to catch the eye of the elemental fragments who were capable of bestowing life were given the ability to procreate. All throughout, the titans watched, guided, and at times interfered to ensure the order of the universe.

    The titans who opposed this cruel form of order grew agitated when they saw the titans enacting justice on those species who engaged in primal battles and behaviours not deemed worthy of survival. Some races were wiped out violently for digging deep into the planet surface where they developed a lust for the planet seeds life force. A group of titans, including Azurhe and Elune, began to attempt to reduce the control the titans of order had over these planets. This again led to battle, with Sargeras dominating, however there was one thing he could not bear to do, fight against his lover or daughter. Sargeras refused this as he knew that one of the newer seed planets was his second daughter.

    Perhaps influenced by the war like violence of some of the primitive races, during a battle against a titan opponent, Sargeras drove his sword deep into a titan opponent, mortally wounding him. This changed the shape of the battle, turning it into a war filled with hatred and vile, as no titan had ever passed before. The titans watched as the soul of the fallen titan dispersed over the universe, finding hosts in creatures, providing them with further development, knowledge or madness. The opponents of the titans of order flew into an uncontrollable rage and would not cease their attacks, no longer able to think clearly or calmly. Only Azurhe and Elune appeared to keep their senses, as they loved Sargeras, and wished to forgive him.

    The titans of order gathered their power together and in a pact with many elementals, created a portal into a non-existent reality, and drove the vengeful titans into it one by one. The defeated titans seethed at the portal entrance, refusing to allow it to close. Their skin darkened to match their emotions as they absorbed the nothingness of the void, their reality inside the portal began to take shape. Sargeras realised there was only one titan willing to stand in his way, Azurhe, his lover. She drew her weapon against him, and Sargeras in retaliation was forced to swing his sword, but it was not Azurhe he cleaved in half but Elune, who had moved in front of her mother to save her.

    Something snapped inside the mind of Sargeras, and as the two halves of Elune began to fade away into the distance of the universe, he grew insane with the knowledge that the very sword that was sworn to protect his daughter had caused this. He swung his sword over and over in a frenzy upon Azurhe, piece by piece of her being separated from her body. With the shattered globs of titan now spraying across the vastness of space, the titans inside the closing portal focused all their power and newly found void energy into those small fleshy pieces, that they may one day land on a planet, and consume endlessly in chaos so that perhaps, if enough of their energy existed in the world, they may return.

    Elune, using her light to call to any who would listen, was able to attract fragments of singing crystals towards her, forming a shield around her and to the best of her ability gravitated slowly towards the only thing left in the world she cared about, her little sister. In two halves, she entered the orbit and there she stayed, unable to move again, vowing to protect and serve in whatever small way she could with her limited range of power. In horror she watched as clumps of her mother’s being landed on the planet, writhing masses. She sung her song to the crystals, an unclear message of hope and love but also despair and sadness and they listened, ascending through the universe.

    She gave her little unborn sister a name, Azurhe’Roth, or ‘the spilled blood of Azurhe.’ In precaution for the coming dangers, she began to carefully project weakened energy towards Azurhe’Roth, accompanied by her song.

    Sargeras was disheartened and began searching the universe for meaning. A time would come when he would meet influences that would use this against him, forming the monster that would create the burning legion. There was one moment however, where his rage was subverted, if only for a moment.

    He turned his gaze towards Azurhe'Roth, and what he saw was beautiful. His daughter. She was the last hope for the Void Lords to enter his reality, and Sargeras knew what he must do. Knowing this, his last remaining shred of sanity was torn asunder.

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