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    Shadow in Mythic Progression?

    Greetings my priestly brethren!

    Looking at the upcoming gear in, I’ve got it in my mind that I want the Mythic cloth for my Void Elf SPriest. But my problem is... I just can’t seem to do well as SPriest in pve. In pvp, no problem. I can push 2k rating as SPriest in pvp with minimal issue. But something about pve, I just never feel like my damage is up to snuff.

    You guys think pushing content for that sweet set will be possible? Or will I be forced into learning how to Holy?

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    Does it FEEL like you damage it not up to stuff or IS your damage not up to stuff? That is a big difference. Send us logs so we can have a look.

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    Shadow is quite gear dependent. In EP benthic gear plays a very large role in doing good DPS. I recommend you farm that. Alternatively you can just heal mythic as holy or disc and be fine.

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