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    I hear you. Ive thought about limiting your options depending on your main and how well they mesh with your second class. Like DK and pally would be a huge stretch.

    Perhaps your secondary spec is activated through like a pocket aspect of your toon's being.'s hard to say. I'm of the opinion that the classes need a couple of new things anyways. Let me ask this, what are you ultimately trying to accomplish with a system? Are you just wanting to play a new class but don't want to level? You wanting to add new layers of customization to existing classes?

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    By how you described it, either it will encourage fotm play or will be just useless, so no. Let classes be classes.
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    I'd love to see a system where you just start as a neutral class and through a "talent" tree you build a class, with some restrictions of course.

    I'd be a nightmare to balance but could be super fun.

    Wanna make a necromancer style class? Mix Warlock and Death Knight routes. Want to be a Spell Breaker? Warrior and Mage. Going deeper into a spec gives you more abilities.
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