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    "This mount has been around for so long it's not cool anymore hey can't you make it BOE and let people trade it?" = It must have some sort of value for people to want it enough to ask for such a thing.

    They've already watered down the rarity of mounts added from Cata and forward with how they never make them come with Feat of Strengths and rarely add truly unique rare mounts anymore. The idea of making every mount in the game available to anyone the easy way can die in a fire. I'd rather see them visually update iconic rare mounts like the Headless one, Rivendare's, Ashes of Al'ar etc.
    If you or a loved one wants a Hamster (any kind), consider going with a custom cage. Most of the retail cages, even the biggest, are simply too small for the hamster's well-being. There are far cheaper solutions using IKEA furniture, for example, that also results in a more stylish habitat that's bigger and easier to match with your decor! I use the IKEA Detolf + KALLAX solution! Check it out! Another clever and even cheaper solution is converting the IKEA SAMLA Bin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by minkage View Post
    Incorrect 110 and up is the level eligible for the epic pumpkin that awards the mount
    It only changed to current expansion levels this expansion. Used to be around level 80 for the better loot pumpkin.

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    first time i had the 2hander drop, on a shaman

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    I got the mount the other day on a 110 mage. Anything 110+ will work.

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