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    I'd love player housing if they did it sort of OSRS style. Where the house can offer benefits without being the first place you want to head when not doing other content.

    So maybe you could have a portal room that allows one portal to a major city, a profession room with an anvil or something, a kitchen with a stove that sort of thing. Could even offer benefits, so could have a first aid station where your crafting speed of bandages is increased by 50% or something. All things that are nice to have, but not a necessity or somewhere you'd need or want to spend a long time.

    Add to that the customisation options you could have, as well as collectibles you could display and I think player housing has a place in WoW. The balance would be making it interesting enough for people to want to do, without making it either where players spend all their time (so cities are empty) or making it something players feel they have to do if they don't want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    I assume the biggest hurdle for Blizzard when it comes to playerhousing is generating the art assets to use as an expansion feature. But if you think about it, it's possible they've been slowly building towards it over the years.

    Orc - WoD Garrison, Ashran and Draenor, BFA new portal hub and the Arathi warfront.
    Troll - (missing) but there are a few things like the Arathi witherbark huts
    Tauren - Legion Highmountain
    Undead - Darkshore Warfront
    Goblin - Random goblin assets in BFA, Motherlode dungeon, Darkshore Warfront
    Human - WoD Garrison, Ashran, BFA Stromgarde Warfront
    Dwarf - (missing) but there are a few items. Hasn't really seen a massive update since Cataclysm.
    Night Elf - Legion Suramar, Val'sharah, Tomb of Sargeras, Azsuna... BFA Nazjatar... elven is widely available
    Gnome - Mechagon obviously!

    Player housing doesn't even necessarily need to be tied to a racial capital. I think it could be cool to see Dalaran have a few housing plots available. For me even, I still have a little sentiment towards the Legion class halls. Just being a citizen in a big city is cool if you're visiting or trading, but if you're a DK being in a necropolis or a Hunter being in a remote lodge, that just feels way better as a place where you hang out.

    Will we see player housing?

    There was a poll here a while back and guess what... the majority said NO. Just deal with the fact the majority says NO!

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    If they did player housing akin to Path of Exile hideouts, I think it could be a really good feature. Unlock decorations by completing achievements through all content. Imagine trophies for getting AotC in a raid, or a certain rating in PvP, or even just for slaying x amount of players in war mode (like Bloodthirsty title).

    Maybe have some useful things you can do in the hideout too, but make it far more limited than what existed during WoD so players aren't always just sitting in their garrisons. I understand why players feel burned by WoD garrisons, but if done right, player housing could be an amazing addition.

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    I don't want player housing.
    I want Class Halls to return, with their own Hearthstone so we can log out in them, and the ones that already don't have one, get a few regular bedrooms so the players who want to can do their /sleep RP in them.

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    I don't want player housing.

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    Will we see player housing?
    if you want a single player game, play one and not an mmo

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    I'd love player housing. Gives us more to do if we wish to, and can span over expansions. Just don't make it obligatory like garrisons.

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    Would would you want a mini garrison to hang out by yourself? It was horrible in WoD. This would be no different

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    Quote Originally Posted by StovnZJ View Post
    yeah additional plots around the house tied to mining and herbing for a daily allotment of materials. A place to choose a few places in the world to port to to be more efficient that coincides with hearthstones. There is potential
    Nah. I think Pandaland had it right. Tie it to cooking only. Maybe even have a pond you can stock up with the types of fish you need.

    House should be secondary professions only imo other than some decorations for your personal main ones. I spent tens of thousands of garrison resources to get Morketh as my blacksmith and Dagg as my miner so professions quests would probably be a good idea as well especially if you can customize the NPCs that hang out in your house. (The single biggest issue of ESOs housing is how dead the places feel due to no ability to place NPCs. Hearthfire in Skyrim nailed that so much better. Hell even Fallout 76 is bringing that to their trainwreck of a game)
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    I'm down for Guild Halls. I thought the Class Order Halls were a great feature in Legion and that could carry over in some form for guilds.

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    yes it's my number 1 requested feature time and time again for fully flushed out housing system. It could be tied to new professions and current ones. trophies to display from old raids/dungeons .. armor sets etc... so much could be done with it that could carry over from xpac to xpac.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XDurionX View Post
    Why cant people stop with this nonsense. Go play the sims.
    Well only housing i want is having alchemy laboratory and enginnering room for myself, big big rooms.

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