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    Question Warrior Shield Bash macro help

    Can someone help me with a macro? I cant get it to work.

    Basicly what i want to do is:

    - Cast defensive stance
    - Use Bloodrage
    - Equip shield
    - Cast Shield Bash
    - Equip 2h
    - Back to Battle Stance

    Can someone help me please?

    Its for WoW Classic

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    #showtooltip Shield Bash
    /cast Defensive Stance
    /cast Bloodrage
    /equip "Shield Name"
    /cast Shield Bash
    /equip "2H'er Name"
    /cast Battle Stance

    remove the quotation marks when putting in the name of said Shield and Weapon, now as far as i know the castsequence command doesnt work in classic or i would have given you one of those, but afaik this is what you are gonna need
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    What Wramp said but don't forget you have to press the button 3 times, plus you need to wait for the GCD to be over in order to cast Shield Bash since equiping shield/weapon will trigger that.

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