We are a small raiding community that raids two times a week during 14.00-17.00 realm time (day time/early evening), wednesday and sunday. We have recently started raiding again and our goal is to clear Eternal Palace raid in heroic before 8.3 is launched and getting ready for N'yalotha raid. Notice that we are recruiting for community, this means you don't need to leave your current guild or friends behind to have fun with us. For making raids we are using ingame callendars events feature and voice com we use ingame one.

What we are looking is relaxed well mannered people with a patience and will to have fun while raiding. We are currently in need of dps classes and a healer or two. Our only request is that you pull your own weight in raids. Meaning your character has high enough ilvl for the content and you are performing well enough for that ilvl range. In short if you are a dps you are expected to be well higher on a damage done than a tank.

If you are interested joining our community and have fun with us, is it raiding or m+ runs feel free to join our community by using invite link
http: // blizzard.com/ invite/ rNL35YSYxv (remove extra spaces in a link to make it work. First post so cant link proper links

- Grimard (EU-Bronzebeard)