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    MMO-Champion, WoWhead, Blizzard Watch, etc. all silence on Ng Wai Chung controversy

    The story is making it into major news services like the New York Times & CNN, but the very sites that cover Blizzard are acting like this never happened.

    Are they under threat from Blizzard to speak about it?

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    Maybe give them some time to formulate an opinion piece/statement/article/write up/whatever. Or they can be like Blizzard and just stay quite on the matter altogether.

    W H O C A R E S just play their damn game.

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    I come here to talk about wow and other games, not political BS, I'd be happy if the gaming sites stayed the F away from it.

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    When has WoWhead or MMOChampion ever made comment about politics or worldnews?

    Hell, those two sites hardly even talk about Hearthstone to begin with.

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    Our news posts are typically about the game and people making the game.

    Real life politics has a forum here. This isn't it so this will be closed.
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