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    Goblin & Worgen heritage armor looks?

    Does anyone know where you can go to see what these actually look like? I know there's the posts here about the questline for each of them but I don't see where they show what they actually look like. I'm hoping they aren't shitty looking but think they might be if they were in fact shown in those pictures in the questline stuff.

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    Here for example. For the 3D model, click on the link above the screenshot.
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    worgen one is terrible have fun

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    The goblin armor looks fine. The worgen armor, however, is absolutely pathetic. They could have made the coat a full fledged 3D type of coat or something similar to Genn’s coat/cloak combo. They could have really made something neat, like something Vanhellsing inspired (which would totally fit the Gilnean/worgen motif) but no. They dropped the ball and gave them a shitty coat and top hat with a terrible color scheme. Honestly, compared to Gnomes, Tauren and Dwarves this one just feels like crap. A huge let down coming off the remodel hype.
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    Was stoked about worgen getting a badass coat like Genn, since all of the armors so far has basically modeled after their leaders.

    Instead they get some pretty shitty looking armor. No idea what they were going for there.


    TBH, I don't really care much for the goblin armor, either.

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    Worgen one is fine, just turn the shoulders off.

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    Here you go:

    I must admit i'm a bit dissapointed with the current itteration of mecha-gnomes. I hope they get to choose to only have 1 arm/leg robotic (Which Ion made it sound like, but the dressing room doesn't reflect).
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