Hi Guys!

The hype of Classic has diminished our roster a bit so we decided to take a hiatus from raiding and now we are rebuilding and looking for some fresh blood!

We are a long standing guild of people who like to do activities as a guild, be it Raids, Mythic+, PVP, Islands, etc. As well as play other games together too!

We always achieve ATOC and now are looking to resume raiding before 8.3, we want to find people who can knuckle down and get progress done when necessary and also have a laugh whilst doing it. We have a lot of banter in our guild and don’t take ourselves too seriously outside of raiding, however we do not tolerate people being offensive :P

We use discord outside of game and it’s very active with Mythic+ being done daily. We make sure everyone gets a +10 done per week if they want it however this isn’t a requirement

We raid on Wednesdays and Sundays between 8pm – 11pm CET.

We are currently looking for dps, mainly ranged (sorry!)

If you think Erudite could be right for you, feel free to whisper me on bnet and we can have a chat! <3