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    Guardian druids ignored by Blizzard?


    Not seen any reliable Guardian druid patch notes entry for a looooong time now.

    After being tank #1 last xpac did they decide to put them on last place now and just ignore their current state?

    What is with our strong physical dmg mitigation where brewmasters even are better now?
    What about our tools which were all taken away?

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    By streamlining and pruning they made guardian one of the most boring tank-specs to play sadly.

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    "Let's revamp all specs around these weapons that we're going to take away at the end of the expansion! Further, most of what will make each spec work will be lost with the weapons! Man, we're such great designers!"
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    I'll buy an Anduin shirt if Delaryn doesn't end up betraying Sylvanas by the end of the expansion.
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    "Orc want, orc take." and "Orc dissagrees, orc kill you to win argument."
    Why no, people don't just like Sylvie for T&A: https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...ery-Cinematic/

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