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    Mechagnomes need class druid, just to hide ***** body without full body modification. PLEASE!
    I want these classes in new x-pac :Necromancer,Runemaster,Warden,BladeMaster,DarkRanger,Alchemist,Lich,Tinker,SpiritWalker
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    Necromancer and Dark Ranger are rip offs of already existing classes
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    Not true at all, people with this view have no imagination.

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    I assume other games do this, but SWTOR did this very well with the Sith vs Jedi classes. For example a Jedi Sage and Sith Sorcerer were the exact same class in terms of gameplay, but spell animations and names were different.
    yes, swtor is a very good model to follow for this kind of thing.

    warhammer online also did it somewhat similarly. though, the class parallels were mechanically different in some cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donovan4893 View Post
    Both alliance and horde have 3 druids (Night Elf, Worgen, Kul Tiran)(Tauren, Troll, Zandalari) so idk where this horde have more druids thing came from that was mentioned a few times in this thread.
    You forgot Highmontain Taurens... Horde have 4

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    The real problem of Mechagnomes is not what they are, if you dont like them dont play them, there is options for all, the real problem is that they have the same classes options that Gnomes and less options that Vulpera (for example). Mechagnomes need something diferent in terms of class. And i see two great options here: Mechagnome Paladin or Mechagnome Shaman or who know Mechagnome Druids (Alliance has one less druid than Horde).

    What do you think?
    The problem with Mechagnome druids is that these aren't real mechagnomes they are cyborgs. So you either end up with real animal (the gnome shapeshifting) and humanoid mechanical parts or transforming animal robot parts with a gnome head and chest.

    If they were full mechagnomes I think a transformer druid would be pretty cool though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymrohd View Post
    What we need is a damn tinker class.
    Agreed. No reason to bring in a tech-based race when all you have is medieval or magical classes.
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    This is a literal game where you have orcs time travel to kill their great grandchildren and blue goat man build a laser shooting spaceship to fight them.

    I think all in all that race/class restrictions based on "Lore" is pretty much a nonfactor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maljinwo View Post
    Both Vulpera and mechagnomes have weird class choices

    I realize I sound as a party pooper. But I think they should be more limited to what classes they can be:

    Vulpera: Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Shaman
    Mechagnome: Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Mage
    Why are they warlocks?
    - Warlock is one of those classes that doesn't exclusively require a deep connection or innate talent. It's a magic you can learn or be given. All it requires really is knowledge of darker arts like fel magics (or direct exposure to fel yourself). It's true that it's hard to imagine mechagnomes coming into warlock arts on their own, but it's easily done with guidance from warlocks within the Alliance (or a strong demon). Furthermore, mechagnomes originated from the mainland. Vulpera on the other hand are that kind of well-traveled race that are seen everywhere, similar to Tortollans. They don't have any unified population or capital city because they mingle all over the world selling goods and caravanning. Plenty of opportunities for them to learn a lot of different things.

    How is a mechagnome able to be a monk?
    - The same way every race is capable of being a warrior -- with a sword. As long as you have hands and feet you are capable of being a monk. It's why almost every race has monk (save for goblins and worgen due to gameplay reasons I hear, though there are worgen monk NPCs) Lorewise, Pandarens seem to have spread their exotic teachings everywhere after MoP, with Pandaren and Monks fully integrated into Horde & Alliance ranks. You can see plenty of pandaren, human, tauren, etc monk npcs in different zones & faction hubs (e.g. Stormwind, Org, Scarlet Monastery, etc) Finding a teacher wouldn't be hard.

    What faith does a mechagnome have that allows him to become a priest?
    - Would make more sense in the lore if they worshipped The Pantheon directly and all Titan creations, given that King Mechagon sought to remove the curse of flesh. But suffice to say that unless there's a secret technocult out there, they probably worship The Light like mainland gnomes. All that wielding the light requires is a strong conviction that your own actions are just. Morality isn't even a factor. That's why you have corrupt light-wielding factions like The Scarlet Crusade.

    Where did the Vulpera study the Arcane?
    Like said earlier, Vulpera are nomadic like tortollans, and like goblins they seem to have many different caravans, cartels, tribes, etc rather than all being one unified race under a single banner. So that question is really up to the individual vulperan. Arcane is another learned magic over natural talent, and there are plenty of places to find a arcane knowledge or power. Perhaps from powerful trinkets, tomes, or people they've come across while scavenging/trading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexGP View Post
    You forgot Highmontain Taurens... Horde have 4
    you mean taurens = taurens, so just one anyway

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    Tiger palm is a bit of a leap for a race with claws for hands tho, am I right?

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    They need shamans! It would be pretty lame if the first playable robot couldn't harness electricity for combat.

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    In an ideal world where we had class skins, I would love to Mechagnome Paladins that use holo-light to heal and electricity to deal damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexGP View Post
    You forgot Highmontain Taurens... Horde have 4
    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyMagicc View Post
    You forgot High Mountain Tauren. Horde has 4 druid races.
    So you are right lol I am dumb woops

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    mechagnomes, and a few other races, just highlight how badly wow needs to make classes be re-skinned for certain races.

    they could have a paladin(assume all classes i talk about here would also be re-named to fit their new looks) class that uses mechanical electricity instead of light, shaman that use all electricity, that kind of shit.

    just more strong arguments for "class skins" as it was called when it was a big fad a while back to talk about.
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    Yes Mechagnomes shamans! Machine created elements (like the Goblins totems duh)

    Mechagnomes druids =

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