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    If you could have changed things about vanilla itself, not classic

    I have a few:

    --I would have made T2 pants obtainable without MC

    --I would've made acquiring Thunderfury more like acquiring Atiesh

    --I'd add a flight point to Rebel Camp

    --I'd add a repair closer to Stratholme than Chillwind Camp (although eventually they did do this)

    --One of the top ones is that I never understood why Blizzard didn't try to get metro areas all on the same servers. Nothing sucked more than meeting a new friend IRL but not being on their server.

    But I'll tell you one thing: I would specifically never touch Duskwood, Blackrock Depths, or Stratholme, some of my favorite places in the game.
    Reminders of what vanilla was like: https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...nilla-was-like
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    I can't disagree with the Rebel Camp FP. That would be amazing.
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    This was a change they did half way through, but them putting tier on tokens as opposed to just flat out dropping was a much needed change. Vanilla having shitty items and shitty loot tables was mostly okay, but the way they did tier initially was awful. Random low drop rate legendary items are awful too, especially ones that have as much power as TF did. So if I could've changed something it would have been legendary items operating like Atiesh and the first two tiers having a token system for tier drops (with maybe the exception of the BoE ones that dropped in MC).

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    Mend pet being a hot and pet aoe dmg reduction

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    Making the UBRS attunement gems obtainable by everyone.

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    Really good answers. Tier tokens was really good, mend pet would be good but I don't think they had the tech yet for the Pet AoE Damage reduction. And I think the UBRS gems should be 100% to drop but not necessarily obtainable by everyone. Although LBRS is probably my least favorite WoW dungeon in classic.
    Reminders of what vanilla was like: https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...nilla-was-like
    17 hazed on the Golemagg "cinematic": https://i.imgur.com/nlZM3cj.jpg

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    I agree about adding tier tokens for tier gear, instead of having the items themselves drop. I didn't mind so much not always getting every item I wanted out of the game, but the "quest" to obtain a full set of tier gear was definitely way too difficult, and because the game didn't have transmog, it was one of those "eyesore" things that constantly reminded you that you were missing an item.

    One change that I really wanted, and I'm sure that people wouldn't be happy with, is that I felt that legendary items should be attached to guilds rather than people. The way I wanted it to work is that you give a legendary to someone in your guild, but if that person gquits, the legendary item basically goes back to the guild master and becomes tradeable to another guild member. The guild master would have an ability to return the item back to themselves in the case that someone tried to hold the item ransom, or just simply didn't show up for a night of raiding. The amount of drama that my guild experienced because we gave bindings or thunderfury to someone who bolted a few days after they got it was just too much to bare, especially for how rare and difficult they were to get. I felt that was very poor design on behalf of blizzard, and that all of the guild members should have some sort of stock in what happened to those items. Just my opinion, but I would've implemented a system like that if I had control back then. Legendary items would've been "community guild items" that could be traded between guild members, but never removed. And if you disbanded the guild or something, the legendary items would most likely just disappear altogether.

    Other than that, i would keep just about everything the same. I meant there's obviously some minor class and and gear changes I would make, but I feel like those have been discussed to death.
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    Globally reduce mana costs. And have them adjusted by spec (For example, enhancement shamans would have slightly cheaper spell costs than resto or ele)

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    No debuff limit. That's pretty much it. Being unable to play my class the way it's supposed to play just because I'm in a raid group feels terrible.

    I can sympathize with people wanting transmog, but I'm against it personally. I think it's nice that you have to work hard to look good, although sometimes the best gear might be terribly mismatched.
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    Personal loot.

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    Better spec balance...more gear optimized for the forgotten specs like Ret and Prot Pallies...Guardian...well Feral Druid
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    i like all tbc improvements pre 2.3 tbh to classic module, but if i must
    -i'd add the paladin taunt, since seriously without it paladin tanking is a joke outside of the undead dungeons, and the attunement (mana from healing thing)
    -dagger rogues also were still joke until mid tbc when blizz finally buffed massively some core abilities when u use both hands dagger, that should been added since day 1, instead of make rogues a crappy version of warriors

    I know both points were add later, but those points specially should been in game since start imo, how did they want paladin to tank, without mana or taunt? also why would anyone use a dagger ever when they were that sh8t
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    totem poles as weapons for tauren. just like they had in war3.

    and then i guess something similar for every race, e.g. those sentinel glaives for nelfs.

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    A regular druid rez was also...how did they sit at a conference table and say, “Enh they don’t really need it”
    Reminders of what vanilla was like: https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...nilla-was-like
    17 hazed on the Golemagg "cinematic": https://i.imgur.com/nlZM3cj.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by garicasha View Post
    A regular druid rez was also...how did they sit at a conference table and say, “Enh they don’t really need it”
    You are giving them too much credit for their decision making process i feel. Obviously there are some glaring oversights, but i feel they are exactly that - oversights. Considering how poorly the game launched from a technical standpoint, i think they spent the first chunk of time in total damage control. That was the right thing to do at the time, not much good having a newly launched game very few can enjoy because of constant server issues, but hindsight is 20/20 i guess.

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    Travelling on a marked road (not a path through the brush, but proper roads between towns) gives a 30-40% movement speed buff when not in combat to reflect the fact you're not trecking through snow/long grass/bogland/uneven rock/elemental plane/undead ichor and you're taking a ... road, something built to aid travel.

    I never understood why this wasn't a thing. Would also make those less awesome "Run between these two towns a handful of times to advance this quests storyline" moments more sufferable Or even just the runs to gather flight points
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    Oh, and stop being a "didn't do that in vanilla"-police. If we're doing something now that we didnt do back then, it's not because we had some sorta unwritten moral code back then, it's because we hadn't thought of it yet.

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