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    Question question about adoption!

    so how long does that usually take to get a court to release adoption records? since my state does NOT recgonize the adoptee's right to obtain their adoption records unless it's court ordered i was wondering how long it usually takes for this to process. i asked the people at the county courthouse when filling it out and they wouldn't give me a straight answer and i can't find an estimate online. does it depend on courts and how busy they are? is this something i need to ask a lawyer about? it's been awhile and i haven't heard back so i was wondering about how long it takes.
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    If it's an open adoption then yes, should be an automatic, unless the adopting parents are an issue you have to wait until you are of age. However if it's a closed adoption then no then the other party to my knowledge pretty much has the right to remain anonymous doesn't mean you can't hire a private investigator or through some other means gained the information, but the adoption agency and the state are limited in their ability to release that information.

    Never been through that personally, but I have known people who have been adopted and they pretty much described the above.
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    @breadisfunny See a lawyer.
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