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  • I'm not resubbing

    64 19.34%
  • I'll probably stop playing prior to phase 6 coming out

    49 14.80%
  • Definitely playing up to phase 6 and beyond (Classic+/TBC)

    163 49.24%
  • I don't really know

    77 23.26%
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    Is there even a point to playing Phase 6 if you dont plan on raiding Naxx? Afaik there is the Naxx pre-event and the rest of the patch was literally just the Naxx raid?

    I will probably play till Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, never saw the event live back then and kinda wanna be there for the experience which will inevitably be ruined by hardcore guilds anyway.

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    I'll play until Cyberpunk 2077 releases and Final Fantasy 7 comes to Xbox.

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    Already stopped. Nostalgia is gone. Was fun for about 30 levels tho.

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    im lvl 52 right now, i havent logged on to retail since classic launched. Im having a good time, i hope ill be playing until AQ is released but who knows what life has in store for me.

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    Just got my first Rag kill my Boomy with guild. 8 t1 drops loot last night and all went to 2 druid healers so no luck there but expected for them to have prio while we are still progressing.

    At this point I am not sure. Playing a meme spec (but pretty OP in pvp) I might cancel until p3 for BGs. P2 will be unplayable here with horde ganking everywhere, so it will be a perfect point to cancel sub unless I get fully geared by then.

    Coming back in p3 for sure for BGs on the boomy and 19 twinks.

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    I'm only 47 and still enjoy it when I log on, but when wc3 remastered is released, I suspect I'll drop my sub and play that till I might be bored of it. MMO takes a lot of time, and progress thus feels so tiny compared to sharpening your skills in an RTS.

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    Blizzard with the low effort bait via Free character migration, except only from good realms to dead realms. 15 years and they still dont understand nobody wants to play on dead realms.

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    I'm not interested in classic. I'd love TBC servers though.

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    I will definitely play until I am lvl 60 (lvl 37 atm), and then we'll see. I can't afford to spend in game 5-6 hrs at once to go into raid, so I guess I will stop at pre-raid dungeons. Definitely won't play until phase 6 because it will be like in 1-2 years from now, and real life plans by that time will reduce my ability to play to zero.
    Anyway it is good to re-live your experience from 2005-2006 when I was young and had all the time in the world to play WoW. Good old times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfric Trumpcloak View Post
    I'm not interested in classic. I'd love TBC servers though.
    I love the idea of TBC servers because of class re-design, but man the game quality goes down real fast when you can get BT gear from badges...
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    Really doing the same thing that I do with retail. Logging in to raid and logging back out. I'll keep doing that as long as it remains fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sorcath View Post
    Will never stop playing the real WoW. Retailers can keep their garbage pile and enjoy having gigantic plot holes, stupid dues ex machinas, poor in store gimicky items, and shitty raids and instances. But OOO there's flying :I
    Pretty much nobody in the universe except you thinks that Classic raids are better than modern raids but you do you I guess. Retail raids are for people who like a challenge.
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    Prob just pop on for the odd raid now till BGs come out. Not THAT many items a DPS warrior needs from MC need a ring and the belt and some 1h weapons. Will be much better when BGs and BWL and AQ are out.
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    I'm a fan of the levelling and dungeons in classic. Will likely be around for a while. Really hoping for BC servers as well.
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    Already droped but will continue soon (overwhelmed by job :P)

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    Unsubbed already, boring

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadCarma View Post

    I'm curious to see the intentions of players regarding how long they see themselves playing Classic, especially those who have come back for Classic.

    For Myself, originally I just wanted to kill Ony & MC (which I have not yet done btw). However, getting closer to 60 I find myself really enjoying the experience and foresee myself playing up until phase 6 now, and beyond, on a casual basis.

    Now it is premature of me to suggest that I will even last that long since I havent even reached my original intention yet, but my point is more about how my own intentions towards the game have changed since release. I didn't anticipate enjoying the game as much as I have now that most of the nostalgia has worn off. It's like a long lost friend has come back and I want them to stay around ofc :>

    But yeah, what are people's intentions to how long they will play. Please keep it about your own interest to the game, less about what you think others will do,
    Like the vast majority, I stopped before phase 2.

    Not a real poll option for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxyAnatoliy View Post
    Unsubbed already, boring
    > 15 years of information in the web
    > 100.000 hours of video guides about every nuance of this game
    > static GRIND-MMO genre since ~30 years
    > full #nochanges re-launch

    How did you even choose classic as a game to try out? Random web search? Latest Twitch hype? Random TV add?
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    Lost reroll on Benediction, lost twice t2 helmets, alotta t1 stuff.

    I'm just sad my rolls were always the second highest, like I roll 90, and a next guy rolls 91, and im like wtf im so sad =(

    But w/e I play less after gettin prebis. Just waitin for weekly raids and stuff. Ony takes literally 10 mins. MC 3-4 hours. So weekly my playtime reduced to WoW minimum, waitin for Vulperas.
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    About 8 hours played and level 16 was enough for me to know it wasn't worthwhile for me. If they get to Lich King or Pandaria instances I'd consider a retro wow experience, as those expansions held the most enjoyment for me.

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    Forever (i'd count TBC servers as an extension of classic).

    The only thing that will change is the amount of time i'll spend playing, with some phases more, and others less, or when other games come out like Cyberpunk, Phoenix Point, Baldurs Gate 3, PoE 4.0, bla bla, but i'll pretty much play it forever.
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