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  • I'm not resubbing

    64 19.34%
  • I'll probably stop playing prior to phase 6 coming out

    49 14.80%
  • Definitely playing up to phase 6 and beyond (Classic+/TBC)

    163 49.24%
  • I don't really know

    77 23.26%
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    i got to 40 by the time subscription ended and loved it to much to be legal, i quit my job, fucked up my gym routine, my diet, everything went to shit
    now i'm working on getting back on rails

    Classic is no joke, it can make you homeless
    p.s. will totally resub for WSG and AB to enjoy 40-49lvl bracket

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    Once I get to 60 I will probably raid a little bit then stop playing, and come then come back sporadically for the other phases.

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    Probably not past my 2nd sub month. Vanilla endgame is just garbage and I was fully expecting to just enjoy the levelling and goldfarming for epic mount and then quit. Got my mount yesterday, and already I'm avoiding the MC invites, just can't bring myself to raid, it's such a poor experience in vanilla. The dungeons aren't as bad but still tedious as hell. Nothing in vanilla is hard, it's just all tedious. I don't understand people who enjoy sitting in a raid with 39 mouth breathers for hours.

    I have friends still levelling so I pretty much only log in to help them. Really can't be arsed with guilds or anything like that, I hate how vanilla is so unfriendly to solo players and how every activity requires hand-holding in group play. At least there are some good solo gold farms.

    Such a shame they didn't release TBC instead, it was such a massive improvement and raised the skill cap dramatically in both pvp and pve.

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    Already stopped playing, like any of my friends and guild. Classic was good for the leveling part, but endgame is trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muajin76 View Post
    I stopped after a week. That was enough nostaliga for me ~
    This being due to me having played during vanilla live and really don't want to do all that stuff over again. :P
    That's an interesting take, please don't take this as an attack on your views, it is out of sheer curiosity, because I played during Vanilla as well, granted i never cleared Naxx, but I have not done a single thing the same way i did it in vanilla, my "BiS" is different, every raid strat and grind is different, and the levelling was nothing like back in Vanilla, so how come you feel like it's doing it all over again?

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    Its gonna take a while. I plan to reach 60 on my undead mage and then probably roll an Alliance alt aswell to experience their zones.

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    I really want BC, so I guess we'll see!

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    I don't see myself stopping as long as I'm subbed to retail. With that said, I have no plans to unsub retail unless the next expansion turns out to be like WoD-bad, meaning, no new class or race and the story is like a bad time traveling alternate universe deal. Since those are unlikely to happen, I'll play Classic on the side as long as retail has me hooked which could mean to level 60 and beyond, even at my pace.

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    Never started it. Been there done that and was old enough to know better than to do it again. Also knew it wouldn't be the same as launch anyway, so no point. I like many parts of Retail, just not the RNG systems and repetitive M+ for two years. I play because of my friends/guild and the ongoing story, I already know how classic ends.
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    Assuming later phases don't significantly mess with the formula, a long time. So far all modern-perspective criticisms of Vanilla have turned out to be either inaccurate (can't accomplish anything in small windows) or pluses to me (traveling takes time and pacing is slower), and the open-ended environment on a PVP server only expands the possibilities.

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    I'll play as long as my friends play. None of them play retail anymore and they came back for classic.

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    Assuming they end up releasing the logical follow up in a couple of years, TBC, it will be a long time before i stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunika123 View Post
    being a shaman RN is free real estate lol
    Indeed lol, there's no more than 5 or so in our groups at a given raid, so it's been super easy gearing us up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragu4 View Post
    Indeed lol, there's no more than 5 or so in our groups at a given raid, so it's been super easy gearing us up.
    Same with druid (horde) from my experience. We did a 40man MC the other day and had 1 druid (tank). I think half the drops in the raid were druid gear that was wasted.

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    first toon at 60 and raiding weekly, 2nd at 58 should hit 60 today, i will play classic until TBC server.

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    I'm pretty much done until we get TBC servers. I might log in a little bit to play my warrior every now and then, but me and my friends weren't super pumped about classic. It still urinates all over BfA in our eyes, but nowhere near as fun for us as TBC was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voidillusion View Post
    Assuming they end up releasing the logical follow up in a couple of years, TBC, it will be a long time before i stop.
    Why must we stick try the original release cycle? A couple of years is plainly excessive when the content is known and already developed. I'd hope TBC is no more than a year away from today. But I hope this because I never had much interest in vanilla. It's too raw and incomplete feeling, and lacks my 2 favourite races.

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    It depends on the friends I make and the guild I'm in. I can see myself leaving soon, but I can also see myself staying for all of 2020. Too many variables to give a solid answer.

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    I played two months of classic with my brother, we didn't even hit 60, we took our time with leveling, it was the most fun i had with WoW in a long time, but still, it doesn't give us a reason to resub... Waiting for next exp

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    want to play until naxx.

    so far everyone in my guild seems to want to stay. so it is definitely important to find a good community. without it, you‘ll be done after leveling

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    I'll play as long as I'm having fun. If I stop having fun I'll stop playing, it's that simple.

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