View Poll Results: How long will you play for?

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  • I'm not resubbing

    64 19.34%
  • I'll probably stop playing prior to phase 6 coming out

    49 14.80%
  • Definitely playing up to phase 6 and beyond (Classic+/TBC)

    163 49.24%
  • I don't really know

    77 23.26%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. #121
    If Blizzard can come to their senses and change their stance on recent events, I'd play until Naxx or TBC.

  2. #122
    I put "I don't really know", but that's simply because I am enjoying Classic more than I thought I would, even with all the things I would have liked to see changed. Taking it at a casual pace, I can see me playing for a few more months for sure. Finally, in case I stop, I am getting straight back if/when they release TBC serves.

  3. #123
    I quit. Between layering and them rushing out the content like Dire Maul it just doesn't feel right. They're trying to appeal to the wrong people.

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