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    If we are just changing the thing that makes you willing to rape, murder, assault, you are still you. And this modification should be mandatory and done through force. Modifying anything else beyond, ie political opinions, gender identity, etc would be excessive use and should not be permitted.
    Then why not do it to everyone, crime or not? Everyone at birth gets their brain operated so that they never can do anything bad. Should be your ideal society.

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    I tend to not let my emotions get in the way of judgement. The rational way to think is the utilitarian way of thinking. I determine that forced mental reprogramming to be a desirable outcome.
    Your judgement is entirely based on your emotions. You've said several times that you want this because you are scared of death. You've also made it clear that you value revenge over rehabilitation.
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    We're gonna Godwin so much you might even get tired of Godwinning

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