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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    Because Blizzard loves their timeplayed metrics more than anything, the goal is not to please players in any way shape or form, but to get them into mundane endless grinds to keep playing. If you're a WoW addict, you'll do the grind regardless because you refuse to move on to another game, and this is Blizzards core playerbase who whine and kick their feet but do the grind anyway increasing the grind because Blizz thinks oh yeah they love this cancer lol.

    The mentality of just giving something like an allied race in a quest with 0 grind attached is likely a move Bli$$ard will never make in their lifetime because literally all their developers comprehend is grind and money making practices. Like for example, leveling being so atrocious and boring, but attaching a boost to the store for $60 is definitely intentional.

    You don't just get stuff in WoW, everything needs an arbitrary gate, at least in the developers mind. They don't see anything in a players view point because they are not players.
    Unfortunately I totally agree, and unfortunately there are many idiots out there who blindly defend Blizzards actions and call everyone all moaners, whiners and self entitled. Its ridiculous how people cant just critisise them in the hope they will change these systems, because tbh, this is the reason ive played very very little in the past 6 or so years, all the systems are just fundamentally designed to be grindy, boring, un-alt friendly and generally, shit in the name of getting metrics high. Sad people defend it though.

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    OP's point is 100% valid if you want to play an AR of the faction that you do not main.

    And, no, finishing the zone won't get you Exalted. It gets you about to Revered,then you have to do the remaining 21000ish rep thru WQs, Emisarries, and Invasions (and sometimes the mission table). Its a nontrivial amount of time (not per day, but total number of days); I know because i'm doing it right now for Vulpera.

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    "You just want it for free"
    Yea? Like in BC Cata and MoP? I get there are more than in those expansions, but going from 'included in the cost of the expansion' to 'a rep grind to exalted for each one' in one step is a lot to ask already beleaguered casual players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JavelinJoe View Post
    But apparently Blizzard thinks its better I grind the hell out of dailies and weeklys, for multiple weeks/over a month before Im allowed to do the activity I want to.
    Think of it like grinding for a new mount, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    Again, no Diablo 3 devs were ever brought in to develop WoW. People need to stop spreading this myth.
    It is no myth.. lmao

    I mean hell, the Game Director for D3 was basically ran off the team, and was one of the WoD devs.

    John Yang, D3 Item Designer was moved to work on Legion.

    Don Vu, Class Designer was moved to work on Legion.
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    Same reason as with any other artificial gate-keeping. To give you sense of pride and accomplishment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DTJames View Post
    Bet they'll lift the rep gate in future expansion.
    People said that about VEs and LF Draenei. Yet here we are, nearly two years later, and the reputation grind is still there.

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    Why do I have to play the game to play the game? Fuck sake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorgodeus View Post
    It is no myth.. lmao

    I mean hell, the Game Director for D3 was basically ran off the team, and was one of the WoD devs.

    John Yang, D3 Item Designer was moved to work on Legion.

    Don Vu, Class Designer was moved to work on Legion.
    Those are designers, not developers. They are not a part of the decision making group i.e. Ion & Co and never were.

    So, yeah, it is a myth.

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    because moneyyyy

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    Time Sink.

    Like, literally, that's it. They just want us to spend more time in game.

    That's the reason why Heritage armor requires leveling 110 levels.

    Time Sink.

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    In fairness to the OP, the Horde races are much easier to get than the Alliance one, which are gated by a couple of more grindy
    achievements than Horde are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchblade77 View Post
    there is grinding and there is grinding.
    grinding time gated world quests on Blizzards schedule is very different from questing at whatever pace you find most appealing, on YOUR schedule.
    As someone who used to smash through old-school nont0me-gated goals or rep grinds in a weekend when I was younger, this is one of the main reasons I stopped playing WoW regularly a few expansions ago.

    Sometimes I can barely sit down at a PC and game for an entire week, and sometimes I have 2-3 uninterrupted days to do whatever I want. Nothing makes me dislike a game more than time-gated daily grinds where you feel like you've "wasted" a day if you don't feel like logging in that day. It's a shit feeling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rrayy View Post
    Those are designers, not developers. They are not a part of the decision making group i.e. Ion & Co and never were.

    So, yeah, it is a myth.
    Keep trying, and failing. I specifically mentioned one who was one of the leading devs of WoD. If you think only devs have input in a games direction, you are badly mistaken.

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    They should just let you buy an unlock of a race

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    Had a few friends who resubbed for Classic. Most haven't played since MoP-Wod (two haven't played since the end of Wrath). They asked me about the allied races since they thought the Dark Irons looked cool and figured they were paying the monthly fee anyways so might as well give it a go. They decided not to after I explained to them that in order to get the Dark Irons, they would need to level up a character to 120, then spend the time grinding out the rep to unlock that character, JUST to restart the leveling process all over again anyways.

    For a company who seems to be desperate to draw players back to the game, they seem to be out of touch of what will actually do that. Maybe Blizzard doesn't care since they are paying their $15.00 a month anyways, but I know a few who are about to unsub until P3 of classic, and would have stayed on to level an allied race.

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    I would kinda just say with the vulpera anybody playing horde for the expansion already has the rep needed for it same basically for mechagnomes. The mechagnomes needing to do the mythic dungeon is a lot bigger hurdle than the rep gain is. That said I kinda expect operation mechagon to be queable as a heroic dungeon for 8.3.

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    Yeah... why should i get something out of rep grinding that is worth something longer than just that patch right?

    And why is everyone so against grinding or suprised that this is in an MMOrpg. WOW is not a single player game where you play through and you are done. Of course Bliz wants you to play longer... that is how they make their money. There is no endless gamepath in PvE. There is in PvP but not PvE. At a certain point you are done with everything and repeated it 1000 times. So they stretch that out with gating, that we don't finish everything in 2 weeks. And you don't need longer to get rep for the allied races.

    Everyone raves about how classic is so good where grinding is taking a whole new level. Want rep?`Well kill 10000000 mobs please. Getting to exhalted with any faction is not really that difficult or timeconsuming anymore.

    Grinding gives you something to play to.

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    Congratulations on asking the question literally every player has been asking since day one of their announcement.

    There is no answer to this.

    Blizzard just needs an excuse to pad the game for extra playtime, and this is an easy way to do it. However, as I hope they are starting to realize, it's also a great way to burn players out. Especially since they've also made it so leveling allied races is the only way to unlock their armor, and they have now conveniently made leveling dramatically more tedious...

    They are trying way too hard to pad the game with tedious mechanics to try and keep people playing longer. The reality is, the more you try to hold people back from what they want to do, they less fun they are going to have with the game, and the quicker they are going to quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    I mean, I’m super casual in WoW and I’ve managed to get the reps up. You do majority of it by leveling/questing in the area and then the rest is gained by WQ’s and through missions.

    Pretty easy, honestly.
    It's not that it's hard, it's just that it's tedious. Getting Dark Iron at launch was a 3-4 week grind of doing every single alternate continent world quest every single day. For a lot of people, this is very tedious, and you'd be dedicating hours each day just to get this allied race as fast as you can.

    Why can't reputations be about fun things like mounts, achievements and titles? Why can't basic expansion features like new races just be unlocked from simple content, so you can hop in and start playing what you want to play?

    You can grind them pretty easily, but it's still a tedious timegate that you can't overcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JavelinJoe View Post
    I personally dont think this makes any sense. Allied races should be a perfect excuse for Blizzard to lure people back into the game who are craving the thought of playing that new Allied race, levelling up a brand new class on that perfect new race.

    I basically skipped this entire expansion, mainly because I dont have time to do all the grinding, and therefore cant unlock Zandalari or Maghar. Probably the only thing Id want to do right now is make a new Horde Shaman, Maghar and level it from 20-120. But apparently Blizzard thinks its better I grind the hell out of dailies and weeklys, for multiple weeks/over a month before Im allowed to do the activity I want to.

    Am I the only one who thinks this gate is ridiculous and defeats one of the strengths of allied races all together?

    Why cant we just have a questline for each that discusses their story etc then it culminates with being able to play them.

    People will say things like, well Zandalari become unlockable as part of the war campaign or BfA story, while I know that is the case, I think its a lame excuse and they should just bend the rules on this, because its a crap system.

    Many of my unsubbed friends say the same, they would come back to play a zandalari or Maghar, but cant, so they just stay unsubbed.
    Rep gated races are wrong in many ways, although the main issue is that they are also time gated. Cause you cant grind rep for a 24 hr straight, you come to a point in which you have to wait for new WQ to spawn. So in the end, is not only a rep gate but also a time gate.

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