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    Oh c'mon, altruistic? This was just something said by a psycho. By judging her actions at Teldrassil and Lordaeron, we can be sure that she has nothing altruistic in mind.
    In the long road, I bet that she continues to do everything to avoid death. Maybe even replace the Jailer or do something to do not go to The Maw after dying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justpassing View Post
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    in this case literally. but my point stands, from sylvanas's point of view she is being altruistic (also the reddit interview blizzard did seems to suggest sylvanas is a 69D chest playing protagonist)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikodeguyyo View Post
    Okay speculation time everyone! So since Allied Races are being allowed to roll as DK's and there is encrypted dialogue involving Highlord Mograine and The Lich King, along with the Jaina and Anduin conversation regarding Taellia Fordragon, AND Sylvanas mentioning that she serves Death... I'm wondering if perhaps since we haven't seen this maniacal necromancer turn supreme Lich in quite a while if perhaps we will see a return of Kel'Thuzad!!! Since we never found his phylactory in wrath, is it possible he has been off further mastering the powers of death in the shadow lands or something? Curious as to what you all may think.
    Nothing you mentioned pertains to the power of Death. LK and KT are masters over the power of UNdeath. Sylvanas is the first to focus on the power of actual death (in WoW), (the fruition of which has not become apparent, the Jailer will give more with additional lore I assume). Imo the LK's power has very little to do with death other than the fact that he used to be able to kill things and then absorb their power (which Bolvar couldn't do without Frostmourne). LK's power comes from the fact that he is a master of undeath. Raising the dead as undead as opposed to drawing power from the actual dead.

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    Shadowlands is the Clash of the Titans, Death is Hades, and Sylvanas is Calibos. And Ion gets his Greek-themed expansion.

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    judging by chains jailer is as much of a prisoner as everyone else in the maw

    also i'm curious if they hid his face in feature overview because he is immportant lore figure(god i he's not arthas, that would be so on the nose), or was it just to make him more misterious

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