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    Warrior Beards for every class?

    Playing a dwarf warrior main for 15 years has made me appreciate my Warrior Beard more and more with each passing year. It is my constant companion and I truly could not imagine heroic leaping into battle without it.

    Playing alts makes it obvious to me that every class other than the warrior is lacking something. Something tangible that just makes a class "feel good" and feel "right". I've come to the conclusion that it is the lack of a Warrior Beard. The Mage Moustache does not cover the chin, and the Evil Warlock Goatee has a frightfully bare upper lip. It's simply not enough and frankly, I'm confused how anyone can play a not-warrior and actually have fun playing the class.

    So, warrior beards for every class. Who's with me?

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    And before anyone says anything about warriors without beards, I hope you do realize Warrior Beards are a metaphysical manifestation.

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    I remember way back when people were brainstorming the new models someone photoshopped a dwarven beard unto a human and it looked suuuper dope
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    I'm in. More customization is long overdue anyway.

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    Down with enhanced character's customization! And yes, more beards!

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    As long as we can get something better than pinecone beards, I'm all for it.

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