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    I don’t have idea’s for most classes, but this is what I’d like to see:

    DK, Archangel, adopted by the light, Ranged/Melee dps hybrid.
    Hunter, Rambo, dual wielding guns/crossbow, no pets. Ranged dps.
    Mage, Chronomancer, healer/dps hybrid class, using time to heal, and clones to dps.

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    Well not all classes have to have fourth specs. Some can remain as two or three spec classes. I have based these classes on play-styles that I would like to come back and/or other blizzard games from which I have cribbed concepts. BTW ( Some of these specs are what I call support role. Think Disc priest as their redesign was supposed to be. Not necessarily excel at one role but combine aspects of both to help out raids and groups)

    Warrior: Tactician (Support)
    Tactician is a dps support role that can drop banners (Like Varian from HOTS) and shouts to buff/debuff allies/enemies

    Paladin: Zealot (DPS)
    I was thinking a fast attacking 2H spec (think zealots from SC ) but it could instead be a return of the shockadin (ranged dps)

    Hunter: Ranger (DPS)
    This could be a ranged magic focused DPS. Could also have race specific spell effects (shadowhunter/dark ranger etc)

    Rogue: Bard (Support)
    Bard would be a dps support who would use his combo points on songs that would buff/debuff allies/enemies. Can also have some limited healing though some spenders

    Priest: Inquisitor (DPS)
    Inquisitor would be a holy based DPS spec.

    Death-knight: Necromancer (DPS)
    Think Necromancer from D3. The pet mechanic from Unholy would be moved here and enhanced (unholy would become a weapon/spell based dps spec).

    Shaman: Earthwarden/Geomancer (Tank)
    Shaman tanking baby! Can't chose between a 2-H wielding tank (guess WoW classic is making me nostalgic) or 1H and shield

    Mage: Timewalker (Heal)
    To be honest, I was expecting this since MoP (Timelord's Regalia). Healing spec based on shields and spell that 'reverse' damage.

    Warlock: Apothecary (Heal)/ <Cool sounding spec name here> (Tank)
    I love an idea of a class that heals you by tossing potions on you. If it won't break balance we could have them heal a little bit more (compared to other specs) but also debuff you with negative side effects.

    Monk: Crane Style (Support)
    [As a fan of kung fu movies, i believe all monk specs should be renamed to Ox style, Tiger style, Serpent style and now Crane Style ]. The fist-weaving spec.

    Demon-Hunter: None
    I suppose we could come up with an additional spec that involves ranged spells but DH not being melee DPS seems wrong somehow

    Druid: None?
    Druid has 4 specs already. I suppose we could make resto to be in tree form to heal (like balance has to be in moonkin) and come up with a 5th support spec that does not shapeshift during combat which functions as a Jack of all trades but that seems a bit much
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    Its hard to figure out a 4th spec when most classes cover everythign with just 3. So a 4th could simply be a spec beyond the 3. Not really a "jack of all trades" spec but like a mastery spec that goes beyond the specs or a step farther into a single spec... (so naturally some of these might overlap while I think about this)

    warrior - blade master or gladiator (a sword n board dps class)
    death knight - Lich... UH and FROST are melee with spells, well this would be the flip to that, obviously.
    paladin - Fallen pally or oath breaker. Spriest with plate and a 2h weapon. Get reck'd. probably the easiest spec to make out of all of these imo.
    hunter - i dont have a name for the spec, but the hunter would become a savage with the blood of their animal running through them. almost like a pseudo-feral druid. Melee spec
    shaman - a witch doctor or something where they could summon elementals and buff them (or players) and debuff anything/anyone... so, uhh *cough* a warlock with nature spells?
    monk - idk... it have to be something that changes the class. Like a "Dragon knight" (ie ancient chinese soldier but with dragon animations) or [insert Jet Lee movie roll here]
    druid - maybe a caster ability where they harness the aspects as buffs or attacks. "but thats balanced" you say. No... they would not be limited to arcane, nature, and the moon... this would harness bear and cat spirits AND nature itself.
    rogue - ranger or a ninja. as a ranger they would obviously use a bow, but as a ninja their "Daggers only" abilities would expand to swords and/or demon blades.
    D-hunter - idk
    mage - Sage, wizard, something superior to their self. A mage is only a master of one spell class. A sorc/wiz/archmage would be beyond that harnessing all elements and the universe. Not that OP... they'd just be flashier than normal and have new gimmicks.
    warlock - Im thinking demonology... but absorbing the demon to transform. Each demon is different with differnt rolls, therefore "demonized lock" would be too. kinda like a druid with all their forms.
    priest - inquisitor or zealot or something that is opposite of spriest and is all about CC and holy dmg
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    I'd like to see classes that don't have a healing/tank option get a healing or tank option. Here are my thoughts:

    Warrior ---> Gladiator (off-tank/DPS) the Warrior would gain the ability to dual-equip shields and use them as weapons. A Warrior moves slower in this spec but gains multiple abilities to charge / rush with the shield as well as abilities to share power with allies and "throw" a shield to them so they can temporarily block hits or throw a shield on the ground that allies can stand behind to reduce damage.

    Paladin ---> Avenger (spell DPS / support) this spec would be more about using the light as a weapon and slinging holy spells at your enemy and not only that, but also empowering your allies with the light and buffing them with tiny temporary buffs (think like a bard) and if an ally falls - the enemy will be sorry.

    Shaman ---> Warden (Tank) the Shaman would use the power of the Earth to bolster their defenses and tank.

    Monk ----> Chidancer (spell DPS) a ranged Monk spec where the Monk channels the power of the red crane to shoot fire and do acrobatics in the air. There would be abilities to launch up into the air, fire projectiles on the ground, leave behind "plumes" for your allies to let them temporarily float, and channel beams of energy.

    Hunter ---> Soulbond (Tank) the Hunter is imbued with the soul of their animal and gains the durability and power of a beast. Unlike a Druid who shapeshifts into an animal, this would be the Hunter just taking on the aspect of their pet. So they'd keep the same form, but gain claws/fangs and become more tanky.

    Warlock ---> Life (Healing/DPS) the Warlock is able to drain health from enemy minions through their spells / DoTs and they can funnel that health into their allies or the tank. They could also put DoTs on friendly allies that "heal" them in exchange for the Warlock's health.

    Mage ---> Chronomancy (Healing) the Mage uses the power of arcane to rewind time and heal allies.

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    Paladins need a holy dps caster spec.
    And Priest need a melee void dps spec.
    Need to implement them at the same time for the lols.

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    First class with two tankspecs. While blood-dk is about selfheal, void dk is about shields the gets by debuffing enemies and weakening by driving them mad




    - Lightning mage, has a lot of long cast spells, BUT works like mistweaver, with damage. You connect with a long time channel to your enemy and your spells get instant.
    You can connect to multiple targets, but your spells get weaker as Aoe cleave.


    Avenger - dual wield dps, hast do juggle many debuffs on the enemy that increase his autoattack damage

    Cleric - Melee dps with a lot of short casts, wears only a 1-hand melee weapon and a caster offhand (only 0.5 secs, nuke maybe 1 sek) that can be used on range, no autoattack, only few real melee attacks so you won't go mad when you need to cast and the tank moves the mobs around. Would play a bit like Holy Paladin, but as a dps.


    - Guardian - tank with shield and a permanent earth elemental. You are spirit linked to your elemental to mitigate damage. Both, you and the elemental will need to be healed, but you share some amount of your healing, since it's spirit link. If the elemental dies your mitigation is gone (except some talents that buff you in case the elemtal dies). You can control it, so you can do cool stuff in m+ like .. your elemental tanks one mop for your group to kill while you tank every other add on the other side of the room not share some debuffs. I think every other 'normal' tank already exists in the game.


    Gladiator Stance as a spec
    Also get the talent for warrior 'windwalk' where charge is turned into a 4 seconds invis with 200% movement speed where the first strike that hits is always a critical.

    I've tried to only list specs where I thought 'this is really missing' and not just get a spec for every class
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    I want to preface this with I don't believe 4th Specs are ever coming. Blizz would effectively need to go back and add in a new Artifact with several skins or Legion leveling won't end up making sense. That's a lot of additional work on top of everything else.

    Mage — Battlemage. A Mage Tank spec. 1h in dominant hand with an ability letting you wield staves in the other. Relies on cycling through spells of different themes.

    Shaman — Earthwarden. Is this even a question? Get Shammys their goddamn Tank spec.

    Rogue — Bard. Healing spec, dual wields int swords/daggers. Self explanatory

    Paladin — Zealotry. Pally Dual Wielding spec, very Fire themed.

    Warrior — Expertise. Ranged damage spec, could have just as easily been called Siege. Focuses on big ranged attacks, heavy burst. Maybe summoning Catapults or Demolishers as graphic effects for big cooldowns.

    Monks — Firedancers. Monks of Chi-Ji. Could be done as either a Caster DPS or a second healing spec.

    Priest — Dogma/Inquisition. Ranged Weapon DPS spec, pretty much a Witch Hunter spec.

    Warlock — Indulgence. Warlock Healing. Rather like Demonology, a lot of your abilities summon things, but these summons aren't here to attack but to see to your Allies every need and want. Essentially the Demonic Harem keepers (less explicitly but HEAVILY implied) that we see constantly in WoW.

    Death Knight — Necromancers. Pretty much Plate Demonology Warlocks with very different, much deader summons. That's what I want. It looks more like they would be getting a healing spec based on current datamining IF fourth specs ever came about.

    Hunter — I have no fucking idea.

    Druids/DH — Druids have 4, DHs are fine with 2 given that both are incredibly well realized and a lot of fun to play.
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    Hunter: make Survival a tank spec, make a new mele spec that is based on Rexxar's Beast Master mele spec (maybe even call it Beast Master and rename the current BM into something more fitting for a ranged spec with a pet)

    Shaman: Earth based Tank Spec

    Rogue: Merge Subtlety into Assassin, make Subtlety a Tank spec, add a new Ranged spec (Dark Ranger?)

    Demon Hunter: should stay like they are

    Druids: Already have 4 specs

    Monk: new spec focused on 2h weapons, initiating a new generation of Blade Master's

    Warrior: Gladiator spec, 2h weapon + shield

    Death Knight: a 4 Horseman inspired spec, that is also a ranged caster. You are basically sitting on your horse and giving commands to your ghouls and minions, casting some diseases and curses on the enemy.

    Paladin: Ranged caster, exorcist spec

    Mage: Time Mender. A healing spec based on the bronze Dragonflight power. You are not healing injuries in the classical way, you are "undoing" them using time magic.

    Priest: Holy based range damage dealer spec.

    Warlock: Tank spec, based on the Glyph of Demon Hunting.
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