Hi all, I'm trying to get a macro to work for a druid in classic.. and i got it working partway, but Im stumped to get it to work how i want it. So basically Im trying to make a macro to take Faerie Fire and Faerie Fire feral and make it into 1 key. I also added a shift mod for Soothe Animal. I have it working for basic if in bear, cat, or humanoid it will cast the correct spell, including the Soothe animal. What Im trying to get to work is, if Im in travel form, for it to cast Faerie Fire(caster one). and if i do the shift macro to shape-shift me out of animal form and cast Soothe animal. Is there a way to incorporate all this into the macro? Thanks for the help, Im very macro noob!
/cast [mod:shift]Soothe Animal; [nostance:1/3]Faerie Fire; Faerie Fire (Feral)