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    Getting exalted with other main city factions!? wut do

    Hello there,

    I'm an orc who wants a kodo, lvl 47 only 1/4 way through revered with thunderbluff. Been levelling through Feralas and trying to focus on quest givers who say moo-moo . I know Feralas, Felwood, Un'goro Crater, Winterspring generally give good rep for thunderbluff, am I missing anything? I want to avoid rune-cloth farming as much as possible.

    Looking around on the internet it seems going to the factions starting zone makes the biggest different, which I stupidly didn't do coz i didnt want to run to mulgore, didn't realize how much rep it gives you.

    Just wondering, is there any guides/websites that detail quests and their factions rep rewards, otherwise, it seems the only process of finding out is tediously going through each zone each quest and finding out.

    like totally dude-bro, I couldn't have said it better myself mang

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    I mean Mulgore should still give you rep (albeit, a much lower percentage since you're higher level). That should help a bit. I do feel like you are going to have to rune-cloth farm at some point (though if I am wrong, someone correct me).

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    Orly!? that gives rep :O how so?
    like totally dude-bro, I couldn't have said it better myself mang

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    cloth turns in are a thing.

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    Farming runecloth is probably your best overall return for the time investment as you'll get decent gold and potentially other usable items along the way. Low level quests won't net anything (not sure how the reputation gain is reduced). Since you still got leveling to go, keep up with doing the quests that you get for TB rep, but would not recommend going into extremes. You will need to farm an ugly amount of the cloth anyway.

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