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    As long as we get new expansion info I will be excited. If there is nothing major for wow but 8.3 announced it will bomb hard and the highlights will simply be all the free hong kong posters and whinnie the pooh cosplays for the lulz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    Yup. Can’t wait for the booing and awkward shuffles as China is brought up by someone.
    Doubt they have open questions like previously. Last guy, altohugh funny, ruined it for everyone. People using it to make gotcha questions is a sure way to remove it completely.

    They probably will make it pre-chosen questions or have the people write the questions down and an announcer reads them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exkrementor View Post
    You cannot balance every spec perfectly without homogenizing them.

    Also in MoP every single spec was fun and engaging.

    Fun > balance
    yea, mop was indeed one of the better balanced expansions. Only several specs were objectively worse (shadow priest, ele was always preferred to enh, assa boring af pve wise, dks weak in pvp etc.).

    As for “fun>balance”
    Very subjective. It is fun only as long as your spec is performing well.

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    I am very excited about the announcements.
    If it turns out like last year, I will be very disappointed.

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    Yes i'm excited.It will be a shit show with all those those closed events (overwatch to switch and 15th anniversary in Taiwan).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight Meta View Post
    I can't wait to have it ruined by a bunch of people who will get in line for Q&A's just to troll and ask shit like "So what do you think about Hong Kong?"
    Quote Originally Posted by thilicen View Post
    Can't wait for the open mic session.

    If any non-blizzard employee is intentionally allowed in front of a live mic on the actual convention floor (meaning not a pre-scheduled content creator interview) this year I will be shocked.

    At the most, maybe a content creator that can be trusted hosts a q+a purely to read all of the questions.

    Between diablo immortal last year and, you know, the everything this year, blizz have zero reason to trust the fans with a live mic.
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    I'm only excited about the protests kek

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    Cant wait for QnA, unscripted hopefully. Otherwise all the attendees that are there for QnA are going to flip.

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    Expansion year so very much so

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    i cant wait for them to share tease us with Classic Phase 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by cexspa View Post
    i cant wait for them to share tease us with Classic Phase 3
    how are you supposed to "tease" something that is already well known?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorgesh View Post
    So what would you like to see when it comes to WoW?
    Its not really about what I want to see. I would be completely happy with another expansion that is a little bit more MoP or Legion than BfA and WoD.
    I think its really time for a complete world revamp and they have to do it at some point, but I personally do not care about a revamp at all. For me only endgame and story matters and they really, really need to get back on track with those two things after BfA and especially after 8.2.5

    But the way they are pushing the event on Twitter currently makes me believe that something REALLY huge is coming, and a new expansion is not huge.

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    However, a friend of mine who still plays WoW talked me into getting drunk and watching the opening ceremony, so I'm still going to watch it.

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    I'm curious as to how much of a shit show it will be. And I want to see which idea made the race in the end for the next expansion.

    I wouldn't call it excited, I'm simply curious.

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    i don't see a reason to be excited. blizz has gone tone deaf with thinking a mobile game would be accepted at a pc convention. throw in the hong kong/hearthstone controversy and the new "preisidents" rather bad apology letter, i think blizz is still heading for the worst gaming company. they really want to take that title from ea.

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    Im excited for the shitshow.

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    No, their fuck up from last year (Diablo Immortal) is still quite fresh in my mind especially since they're still going ahead with it instead of cancelling it.
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    I'm excited for the expansion announcement. Couldn't care less about potential HK drama, feel like it has been blown out of proportion. As long as they release a good game, I'll support them.

    I'm not excited about anything non-WoW, though. I'll buy reforged, but I think my time with WC3 probably ended years ago. And, I don't really play any other Blizzard games.

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    Yes and No
    Yes - cuz i fan of Blizzcon
    No - cuz it can be ruined by people, due to a recent incident with an HS player
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    Same as usual. I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come (and more Reforged news - very excited about that).

    Also, kind of unrelated to the OP, but as for the supposed shitshow, I have a feeling it won't be as 'spectacular' as some people believe. At most, there will probably be a handful of people in #FreeHongKong t-shirts and the occasional Winnie-the-Pooh cosplayer - and maybe one or two people who will make an ass of themselves at the Q&As.
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