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    I'm excited for Diablo 4 and reforged. I'm cautiously optimistic about the expansion.

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    The secret to a balanced life is having no expectations.

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    Definitely excited for this Blizzcon more than I've been for years now. Here's hoping the mindless outrage/cancel culture does not ruin it for everybody else.

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    So the schedule is out, with lots of "coming soon" on mythic stage.. Expecting that to mean some big announcement other than WoW. Maybe Overwatch 2 or Diablo 4, we'll see.

    Overall, I'm moderately hopeful, but expecting nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by krl View Post
    I'm interested by all things Lovecraftian, so the next WoW expansion might be the best theme for me. If only they took risks like an Old Gods faction !

    And of course anything Diablo is good in my book. If we could avoid the cartoonish, in-house Blizzard engine this time that would be great.
    You're in for major disappointment, bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight Meta View Post
    I can't wait to have it ruined by a bunch of people who will get in line for Q&A's just to troll and ask shit like "So what do you think about Hong Kong?"
    Could we keep the Con about the games only?

    It's not the place for your trolling.

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    I'm not really excited at all.
    Unsubbed for the first time at the launch of BfA and it will just get worse and worse with each expansion after this since the devs are so focused on player retention mechanics that they forget that they're making games for actual humans.

    Even if there's a Diablo 4 announcement, it's just going to be Diablo 3 with a new coat of paint and none of that holds a candle to Path of Exile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    it will, activision is biggest gaming company, every other company will seriously reconsider bowing to chineese overlords if biggest gaming company in usa got hurt really bad from trying to
    the problem is actually not enough ppl care, blizz knew they are in lose-lose situation, and they didn't even hesitate to lose some ppl who have conscious over losing entire china market
    unless they lose far more by siding with china than to oppose them (they only care about $, they have zero morals), they won't ever do the right action, and if blizz get out of that free every other company will do the same, f8ck everyone even their own ppl for the might of chineese $
    Blizzard is doing just fine and will continue to, regardless of your fake outrage. All companies only care about money, it is their sole purpose for existing. It is cute you think otherwise though.

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    Somewhat. I'm clinging to foolish hope of fourth spec/fire cosmetic for Death Knights. Then there are Dragonsworn and Dark Ranger dreams.

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    About the games? I am not so sure.

    I am not at all interested in Overwatch, HotS is mostly dead, HS is a kind of game I do not enjoy.

    There is not going to be anything new regarding Starcraft, and doubt that if there were it could be good, as the story was quite bad in Starcraft 2.

    WoW has had one of the worst expansions so far, and I doubt that they can produce a cohesive, riveting story going forward as not only they have not come up with anything really new, but they are also discarding all that was mysterious and ominous about the world (Burning Legion, Titans, Azshara, Old Gods... now they have Void Lords, rehashing the Starcraft 2 storyline, is it going to be a fallen Xel'naga behind the scenes? Is Sylvanas the new Kerrigan? Ugh!)

    Warcraft Reforged is probably a game that I am going to buy, but we know that we will hardly be seeing a release before 2021. Lots of assets that we have seen for Orcs and Humans look nice, but they are far from complete, and there has been nothing on Undead and Night Elves, so it will take a lot longer, and I am past the point in which they show concept art and I say 'awesome'.

    The Diablo franchise is very much dead. Diablo 3 was a huge departure, and the retelling of the established lore was flat out awful. Diablo 4 is probably playing to nostalgia a bit, but there are better games out there in the genre. As I know they will continue ditching the gritty for the cartoony, I am not sure there is going to be a saving grace.

    A Diablo 1 and 2 remake could be interesting, but if they follow the same aesthetics as Diablo 3, and I am sure there are lots of disturbing imagery in Diablo 2 alone to make sure that things will be changed so much that even my rose tinted glasses will not be enough...

    About the drama? Even less so. I don't think there will be room for protesting, and Blizzard simply should not make the same mistakes again, antagonising the audience and such. They will likely have a representative reading questions and not allow anyone of their fans to be near a mic.

    I hope they prove me wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorgesh View Post
    Why would anyone go and scream some things about Hong Kong during a gaming convention? Go and scream that thing at politicians and not at gaming developers...
    I believe a lot of that has to do with the coverage they get and the range of has. Shouting "Fuck China!" at a political rally is only going to touch base with the immediate political interests around that rally. And in doing it at a tournament placed a lot of eyes on China in HK, something China didn't want.

    What Blitz did was obvious to get the message out there and it worked. As much as one tries to "old news" this seconds after it popped says a lot of how pervasive it was. And Blizzard's repeated fouls with PR just makes that original mistake sting worse. As it just keeps them in the limelight. Hell, the Switch release party is a solid example of that, all eyes went to Blizzard.

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