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    Quote Originally Posted by ArkantosChampion View Post
    Is this your friend who works as a security guard for Blizzard??????
    Caught me off guard and laughed my arse off at this. However, I'd suggest the guard probably looked something like this,

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    This is the real leak

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    Fuck those security guards are like Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) that work at Blizzard and are good at not getting caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zlygork View Post
    Imagine how many security guards blizzard would have had present on the conference room where they got this information, and how likely your security guard friend would be to get fired lol.

    I'd be 100% down for M+ timewalking though. No matter how shit the expansion turned out, I'd be happy.
    Especially if the Legion leggos still worked in it. Timewalking is about the only week dungeons are actually fun, because they work.

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