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  • I love it. I want it in-game

    21 23.08%
  • What we have right now works great. But I can work with this if it is added.

    12 13.19%
  • Couldn't care less

    13 14.29%
  • Needs more work to be viable.

    20 21.98%
  • I hate it. This will ruin the game if added

    25 27.47%
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    Support is like the oldest concept and while everyone claims how much they'd like it barely anybody ever likes it when it's put into a game.

    Hybrids also don't work anymore in 2019s WoW. You either deal competitive damage or you're not brought. You're either able to heal or you're not brought. The only way that people make exceptions here is if you bring something to the table that makes up for your lack of damage / healing - and at that point these specs/classes usually just become mandatory. Like, Enhancers being Windfury bots to actual damage specs worked in Classic in 2004, hell, it even works with nostalgia Classic nowadays, but good luck trying to find people like that in Retail.

    There's just not big enough of an audience that is willing to put up with basically never showing up in the meters to justify something like that.

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    We had supports in tbc. They were called shamans and shadowpriests. They did significantly less dmg, but in return supported their party. Shadowpreists gave mana and healing. Shamans gave sick groupbuffs.
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