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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsOurEric View Post
    Yeah I expect that as well, especially if they allow for an open mic for fans to ask questions.
    Free Gilneas
    The revolution of our time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krewshi View Post
    Free Gilneas
    The revolution of our time
    I expect a "Justice for Night Elves" more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleh View Post
    Given the china ordeal and the state of the game. It's gonna be hard for them to come out on top. This blizzcon will likely have alot of censorship involved so nothing risks upsetting china$$. Also wouldn't get hopes up for wow, still the same current dev and narrative team that brought us the dumpster fire that is BFA gameplay and story. Narrative team members like Danuser and Gregory who avoided and were afraid of answering any players questions in reguards to darkshore. Gonna be funny because blizzard antics caught the attention of the U.S. Congress.
    Anger is such a beautiful emotion and you tarnish its pure simplicity. The same team that bought you BFA also bought you Legion. I'm not defending BFA because personally I feel my 6 year old nephew could make better gameplay decisions but I digress. I've seen so many of you comment about this HK PR issues but I can assure you, its not going to affect as many people *especially those attending* to the point that you all think. I'm going and I don't play hearthstone so I don't care, my best friend is going and he plays Hearthstone daily, and when asked about it he said "Who?" So I mean you have to put it in perspective. I mean if I'm to be honest, that was a stupid time to say something political.

    OT: WoW expansion will be shown in its full 9.0 glory with most likely new systems, and a demo of the next class and maybe a dungeon playable for those at the convention.
    Hearthstone gets 3 expansions per year, this is the model they have settled on
    D4 is to be announced or they wouldnt announce it at all.
    I guess D2 Remastered I havent looked into it, personally I look forward to the future craving the past is pointless
    HOTS will get a new hero
    OW will get some announcement - I dont enjoy FPS games never have so I honestly don't care
    Warcraft 3 Release Date
    Starcraft will get something
    They may announce the new IP but they may not, if you look at the list they actually have plenty to announce so they may hold that till next years, depends on how far along it is and how happy/excited they are about the project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanstos View Post
    Blizz has a lot of cleaning up to do come Blizzcon which is just around the corner. Blizzard will probably announce WoW 2.0 or a Diablo MMO but like WoW
    Drugs are bad, k? Blizzard isn't making another MMORPG.

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    Candy Crush MMO.

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    1 massive announcement would be no more forced content to keep characters relevant in world of Warcraft. no more ridiculous long grinds that relates to power creep.
    just stuff people would want to do and it be fun. let people live a life and play a game when they choose. because they want to and not because they are forced too

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    Im very confused why people seems to think this wow expansion announcement will cover less then previous ones?

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    I think that a WoW 2 would be my preferred announcement. I wonder how they're dealing with Riots announcements

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanstos View Post
    Blizz has a lot of cleaning up to do come Blizzcon which is just around the corner. Blizzard will probably announce WoW 2.0 or a Diablo MMO but like WoW
    I'd love to believe there are big things coming, but Blizz has turned into a disappointment machine in recent years - in fact - it's their most consistent attribute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brt2pp View Post
    ...why tough?
    Because Blizzard's fan base is by far primarily a PC gaming fan base. You don't announce a mobile game of Diablo for a fanbase that has been thirsty for new Diablo information for years. What do you is you announce a mobile version of Diablo ALONG WITH a real announcement of Diablo 4 / whatever. Nothing but good then.

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