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Apparently there just aren't any pedophiles in Poland now

By a problem, I of course meant some kind of rampant issue, rather than some scattered deranged perverts.

But I pity anyone who thinks removing proper sexual education will help the pedophilia problem. Perhaps they should more aggressively go after the pedophiles, rather than blaming it on girls being educated about healthy relationships and intercourse.

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Is there rampant pedophilia going on there? Why do you think sex Ed is causing it?
Sex ed is clearly a front for the Polish pedophile society.


But I will say, despite the snarky and useless remarks made at my post, my question was never answered. Is Pedophilia a problem above and beyond what it is in other places? Are law enforcement officials so useless that they can't track and arrest the pedophiles? Do people think ending sex ed will somehow stop pedophilia? Do the Polish think that teenagers having consensual sex with each other is pedophilia or something? Because that's the only REASONABLE explanation I can come up with for why some deranged mind might think removing sex ed would stop pedophilia. Is that they believe teenagers having sex at all is pedophilia.