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    OP, let me put it this way. It is much more than sex and almost everyone WILL FAIL at it. It absolutely is not for everyone.
    It is not a threesome (even those can have problems about who does and gets what), but a life choice and we know human nature.
    I am not against it, but it is not something I would attempt to have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    You're assuming they'd all be MFF, and there's no reason to assume that.
    To be fair, that is a somewhat reasonable assumption given present society. I don't think we're quite at a point of sexual equality as a general society where there would be sufficient F/M/M (or other multiple-partner arrangements) sets to balance things out reasonably.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    A multiple partner marriage system would eventually get corrupted into a system where 1 powerful and wealthy male would take 47 female concubines, with a slew of angry lower caste males not finding a mate.
    Given a society with sufficient sexual equality, there isn't any reason why another powerful and wealthy female wouldn't take 47 male concubines (or whatever the correct word for "male concubine" is), thus solving that problem, at least in principle.

    Though I still would think that much slantedness isn't necessarily optimal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teleros View Post
    Not if history is any guide.

    Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress had something like this as I recall, but I'm not sure there's ever been a human society in history that's had that kind of polygamy.
    The word you're looking for is "polyandry". The article gives some known examples. But yeah, it does seem to have been uncommon historically compared to the number of societies that practised monogamy or polygyny.

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    Could or Would you do it?
    If so why or why not?
    Monogamy is easier. Relationships are tough enough with two people. Three? Fuck that. Plus I've never met a Poly "couple" that wasn't a fucked up tangled mess of mental illness and abusive problems.
    What would be the pros and cons specifically of a 3 way marriage?
    Pros: Financial boosts, three is better than two or one, or two working and one doesn't. Sex life might be easier to manage since a second woman might be able to take some of that off me and give me some rest. Plus child care maybe.
    Cons: Conflicting personalities. Instability. Power dynamics are harder to manage. Get the feeling of being part of someones harem and not a partnership between two equals.
    And do you Support Multiple marriages?
    Polyamory is a disaster, usually popular among degenerates and cheaters who ultimately just want to sleep around. Plus its unstable for family formation and causes a lot of social problems for society at large. Should be shunned and vigorously rejected.
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    I can imagine having 2 wives if I live in two distant cities due to work and don't want my family jumping around and don't wanna spend half or more of the nights sleeping alone. The second reason maybe, if my wife becomes fat ... she's still nice and all but she's not fuckable .. what to do in that case? Ditch her? Have an affair? Or just marry someone else? Well, at least if it's an option she'll try and stay fit otherwise she knows I can't do shit. Divorces are costly and affairs can end up with divorce.

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    Marriage is cool, especially when you have two wives

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    Mental deficiency is truly a plague of the modern comforts.

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