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    new continent: SKYSTRIDER ISLE
    new features
    *An airborne kingdom of winged, immortal SKY ELVES who live on an Olympus-like continent.
    *New Class: BARDS - Sky Elves teach the mortals below to fight using musical instruments.
    *Not all Sky Elves approve of teaching mortals the way of the Bard. Lux-ira, the most powerful Sky Elf general under God-King Jah-oba Skystrider and perfect of the Sky Elves actually wants to destroy all mortal races.
    *Main "factions" of the conflict: The Silver Covenant are spared while all other factions, Sin'dorei, Ren'dorei, humans, dwarves, gnomes, and savages like Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and all their variants are targeted for extermination. The Silver Covenant unite with God-King Jah-oba Skystrider to combat Lux-ra and his renegade Sky Elves, forming a new breed of TRUE Elves. Dwarves find a Titan facility on Skystrider Isle that reveals a fifth Old God locked away within a hidden facility in the clouds. Skystrider Isle was actually born of impure elven souls who ascend to the Titan purification facility and are reborn as Sky Elves. Kael'thas is Jah-oba reincarnated, but has no recollection of the fact.
    I think bard feels more like a fun profession as opposed to a class. Music and weapons just don’t go well together unless you’re OK with it looking out of place and cheesy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RemasteredClassic View Post
    I think bard feels more like a fun profession as opposed to a class. Music and weapons just don’t go well together unless you’re OK with it looking out of place and cheesy.
    It can look pretty bad ass.



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    Gonna post this here:

    Orginal Source: IBM on this very forum. He also wrote a concept on what was supposed to BFA and a lot of his points on that list actually came true.

    Title: Age of the Dragon

    Just to make it perfectly clear, this is not a "fake leak". It is a concept and an idea of what the next expansion could look like, with the good and the bad, written by the poster, who is in no shape or form friends with or related to, or even knows the name of anyone at Blizzard. I don't even babysit Ions dogfood. Just a bit of fun for those of us that like leak season (I know a lot of people like it - this is for you; I also know a lot of people hate it - sorry).

    World of Warcraft – Sides of the Same Coin

    The final events of Battle for Azeroth force us into a race with N’zoth’s lieutenants, who are invading locations around Azeroth, aiming to steal back the keys to the Old God Prisons.The titan Pillars of Creation have been spread around the old world, in “very secure” locations. Along the way, we are guided by Magni, who intends to seal back N’zoth. Instead, we are all made N’zoth’s pawn, and the pillars are used to break the seals, releasing Yogg’Saron and C’thun from Ulduar and Silithus.

    Stormwind receives a visit from a faraway ally. In this perilous time, Yrel is back from alternate Draenor, along with an army of her Draenei. The visit is welcome, but Yrel has further purpose. She has heard about the old gods breaking out, and intends to make the Alliance an army of the light. She is certain that the light is the only way to defeat the void.

    A world struck by darkness
    See the world from a new perspective, as your max level characters have received a player level squish and will start their experience at level 50, working their way to level 60 max level. The world has been partially revamped, with new quest lines developing for both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Ten zones have been changed by the release of the old gods, focusing on the areas around Orgrimmar and Stormwind. More zones will be changed as patches are released.
    Along with the World and Level changes, massive changes have been made to all classes and specialisations, most of which have been given options of void or light spells as an addition to their talent trees. Choosing either of these specialisation directions will bring players along the “Path of the Light” or the “Path of the Void”. The levelling up your character will now give your character an additional talent point at every level, with a new spell being rewarded every ten levels.

    We are in the endgame now
    Three zones have been completely changed for characters between 50 and 60:
    Silithus and Ahn’Quiraj – C’thun breaking out has again ravaged the southern areas of Kalimdor. The zone flooding with Azerite, the Old God is quickly growing to be the most powerful force we have faced. In this now extremely perilous area, we have to fight all the horrors he has released while keeping the Azerite from his tentacely reach.
    Azjol Nerub – woken from his sleep in Northrend, Yogg’Saron is once again murmuring in madness. We need to seek our way to him through the underworldly Azjol-Nerub of Northrend, battling the Nerubians while trying to keep ourselves from falling to Yogg’s whispers.
    Nyalotha – in the depths of the sea, lies Nyalotha. The old god realm of the black empire has opened up, covered almost completely by the devious N’zoth. N’zoth has been planning and scheming for millenia, while contained by titan constructions. Against our will, we have released him, and he has had time to plan his revenge. Defeat the faceless ones to fight your way inside N’Zoth himself.

    Within all these nightmarish zones, the massive old gods themselves are constantly present. You can always see them, and their movements will impact the actual game. Random debuffs or buffs will be present, depending on the moods of these ancient beings. Especially light specs and classes may see different effects on their gameplay, while in war mode, players might suddenly turn on their own faction, being able to join their NPC enemies or the opposite factions in battle.

    New “Light and Void” campaign
    Tyrande, Anduin and players that have chosen talents in the “Path of the Light” agree with Yrel, and set out to “convert” the rest of the alliance to the faith of the light. The “Light and Void” campaign of this expansion will follow this perilous struggle.
    - Yrel sets out to convert a group of Wildhammer dwarves, who say they will help in the fight, but that they only pray to the elements. In a show of faith or madness, depending on the observer, she single handedly destroys their village. Members of the Alliance start to question what the light actually is. Anduin fears what this might lead to and, in frustration, initiates discussions with Alleria and Magister Umbric.
    - The void priests, void elves and players that have chosen the “Path of the Void” agree to observe Yrels quest from a distance, as they have heard the stories Mag’har orcs tell of Yrel. Some parts of the Horde wouldn’t mind the Horde allowing Yrel to destroy the alliance from within, making the observing and reporting a very difficult diplomatic affair.
    - Xal’atath shows up in a secret meeting between Tyrande and Yrel. Yrel not only recognises Xal’atath, but greets her as a “friend of the light”. Both Yrel and Xal’atath seem not to mind Tyrande praying to Elune. Tyrande is on a war path and doesn’t mind innocents coming in the way.
    - No mention of Sylvanas – yet. But the dagger that once held Xal’atath went missing along with her as N’Zoth shattered the seals.

    Some light in the dark
    Yrel has brought with her a powerful artefact from Draenor. In a quick visit to the Netherlight temple, where her and one of her exarchs take those that have chosen the “Path of Light” to a dormant Prime Naaru, Yi’taa, an alternative Draenor sister of our Xe’ra. Once awakened, Yi’taa sees promise in you, and provides you with “The Luminous Core”. This artefact will fill the role of a trinket and needs to be fuelled if you are to have any hope in the battle with the void.
    Seeing this develop, Alleria and Magister Umbric provide those that have chosen the “Path of the Void” with a similar artefact, “The Empty Seed”.

    With a little help from our friends
    New allies have turned up to join the fray! With the release of 9.0, you will be able to play as four new allied races – the Mechagnomes, Lightbound Undead, the Vulpera, and the San’Layn.
    - After the events of Operation: Mechagon, the members of Rustbolt Resistance have elected to join the alliance, excited to explore the world outside their isle of Mechagon, and keen to help in the fight against the void.
    - Lightbound Undead, have elected to stand as a counterpart to their kin in the forsaken, joining the alliance alongside their leader Calia Menethil. They find purpose in undeath by joining Yrel in converting others to see the light.
    - The ancient and terrifying San’Layn struggle in following the new leadership of the Horde, but their leader, the bloodthirsty Blood Prince Dreven has convinced his friends that Sylvanas would see them do so.
    - Vulpera have been friendly with the Horde from the start. The Horde lend their assistance to the Vulpera in Vul’Dun, and these desert nomads don’t lightly forget a favour.

    New class: Tinker!
    With several new advances made in engineering recently, and several leaders of the horde being avid fans of technological advances, certain groups have begun weaponizing tinkering. These (sometimes) brave fighters are now keen to use their brilliance in the fight against the old gods.

    Use one of three specialisations to assist your friends:
    Medic: Send help to your friends with mechanical drones or use advanced empirically developed medicine to heal wounded buddies.
    Spotter: Take an aggressive fighting stance, shooting guns and building turrets to defeat foes (from a distance, of course),
    Mechmaster: Build powerful mech suits to defend your friends (while behind a few inches of steel, of course).

    New dungeons!
    Eight dungeons are being implemented at the start of the expansion, with two more coming in patch 9.1. Some of these are versions of dungeons that we have seen through the history of the game. With the world changing during “the breaking of chains”, new powers are emerging and seeing changes in the factions of Azeroth.
    - 50+ The Scarlet Crusade has been turned to a new cult of old god followers, with several familiar faces having turned cloak. Fight your way to defeat the dark forces gathering in only light crazed halls of the Scarlet Monastery.
    - 50+ Scholomance: the Barov family once ran this school as an academy of necromancy. There are still traces of the dark arts in this now ruined building, but a horrible nightmare is seeking to gather any relics still remaining.
    - 50+, 60 Many of the troll tribes once allied with the Zandalari have experienced desperate times as their powerful allies joined the Horde. With “the breaking of chains”, these troll tribes have found a new ally. One they once fought. But ancient history is quickly forgotten. Zul’Farrak and Gundrak are now home to these crazed trolls and several far darker horrors.
    - 50+ Ahn Kahnet
    - 60 Azjol Nerub
    - 60 Two Dragon isles dungeons in patch 9.1 (The Dragon Isles)

    New raids!
    - Ahn’Qiraj is once again a terrifying place. Gather resources and battle Qiraji to once again open the gates to the grand but nightmarish realm. This time it might not end as we expect, however.
    - Dragon isles: We make a quick (or slow) visit to the Caverns of Time in order to help Wrathion unite his dragon kindred. Things have changed.
    - Dragon isles: Since we left Pandaria the black prince Wrathion has been searching for clues of what exactly happened to his kindred, and seems to have found these breadcrumbs leading to a set of mysterious isles north of Lordaeron, where a dark secret lies sleeping.
    - Yrel and Xal’atath have something to say, Elune didn’t come to play.

    A new Player vs Player experience!
    Along with the expansion, a whole zone, the “Realm of Madness” is released, where the whispers of the Old Gods are so strong that players completely succumb to madness upon entry. Entering the zone gives players a new type of war mode debuff, making them hostile to all other players. The last player character standing will receive a hefty reward from the Old Gods, having won their favour in battle

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    World of Warcraft: Fate's Circle (dumb name)

    New continent: Dragon Isles
    New class: Class skins, rather than new classes. IE unlockable Necromancer skin for Demonology Warlocks, void paladins, Dark Ranger hunters, etc.

    New Zones:
    -The Living Grove: A valley/forest area where the Red Dragons make a home base, the zone storyline dealing with helping the dragons become able to reproduce again through finding Titan technology
    -The Dreamheart: A verdant forest area where the Emerald Dream bleeds into Azeroth, where the Green Dragonflight are trying to purge the last renmants of the void from the Dream, and sooth Azeroth's world soul after its traumatic experience in BfA
    -The Leyflow: A more snowy area similar to the Nexus, where Azeroth's world soul spills its energy out across the planet in the form of leylines. The Blue Dragonflight are trying to protect it against the last cabal of demons still present on Azeroth since the fall of the Legion.
    -Obsidian Ranges: A mountainous region where Wrathion brings what eggs he can find to help restart his Black Dragonflight without the corruption of the Old Gods, where the Twilight Dragons are trying to take over.
    -The Sands of Time: A desert region where visions of the past and future collide. The Bronze Dragonflight are trying to find a way to get their powers back as Nozdormu is concerned about the timeways being unguarded. Parts of this zone feature time-lost landscapes from other expansions seamlessly merged into the sands - an Uldum pyramid here, a Taunka village there. Chromie features heavily, and we learn more about the Deaths of Chromie scenario.

    Patch zone: The Infinite Fortress
    -The Infinite Dragonflight rises in a patch, and we go to their home base to put a stop to them. They have taken over an island and twisted it to their vision, and the gameplay of the island has us traveling into the past to modify its history to change the geography of the zone in the present, along with weakening the threats in the present. The island starts being impossible to advance too far into until we have sufficiently undone the Infinite's work in the past, similar to the scenarios where repeated playthroughs help you get further, but as a zone where new content unlocks.

    -The Infinite Dragonflight launch invasions across Azeroth in 9.1 similar to the Legion Invasions crossed with the Argus Portals. Around all of Azeroth invaders from other timelines attempt to get a strangehold on our planet as their timeways collapse, but after fighting them back and going through their portals to prevent them from coming back (where we see Argus-like pockets of dramatically different versions of famous Azerothian landmarks) we are able to buy ourselves time to defeat the Infinite where they are holed up.

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    I just want the next expac to have an uneven level cap like... 137 for the lawls.

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    Expanding from before:

    Title:World of Warcraft: Shadow of the Void

    After the defeat of N'Zoth, zones corrupted by him still bear his affects. This leads to a world revamp: Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Pandaria and Northrend all are changed and updated. You may quest via 1 to 60 in any of those zones. Old raids/dungeons are still available via Time Walking (not to be confused to the Time Walking event), a Bronze Dragonflight faction, currently I don't have a name, allows you to experience old Dungeons and Raids for rep with them. Draenor, Broken Isles, and BFA zones are reduced in level to be from level 50 to 60 (you can choose any of them). Max Level is now 70.

    New Talent system, a mix of new and old so to speak. You get a talent point to increase something to an ability (that's either active or passive), such as 1% increase damage on Crusader Strike and every 10 level you get a point to pick one of three new abilities starting at 10 (so a total of 21 choices for abilities). These will either be active abilities or ability alters. For example, a Druid can get Raptor form to replace cat form which alters other abilities of the Druid.

    Allied Races:
    - Fresh Undead (human model.) Through, Calia's influence, some Forsaken have found ways that through the mix of light and shadow, they are able to reverse the rot of their flesh. Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, and Paladin.

    - Lightbound Orcs. After the escape of the Mag'har from Draenor, Yrel spent time studying how they managed to escape her. During this time, the orcs that join her crusade became more and more alter. They have taken on a similar tradition to the Lightforged Draenei. Yrel manages to once again connect her Draenor to our timeline and sends a group of Orcs to survey however the portal is shut off.
    Class: Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Paladin, and Monk

    Each Faction:
    High Elf. For the Horde, Undead High Elf and for the Alliance regular High Elf. Alliance High Elf can be Druid, having learned in from the Night Elves.

    There is a questline about reforging the Ashbringer, or repowering it. The expansion deals mainly with the Void Lords, but Sylvanas and Bolvar each causing their own problems for our heroes.
    Peace is a lie. There is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power.
    Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The Force shall set me free.
    –The Sith Code

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    I wouldn't mind seeing a sorta 'What If' patch, not an expansion, just a content patch, of scrapped content/ideas that never made it into the game.

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    Name: WoW: Echoes of Time

    Premise: Chrono Portals have appeared in Elwynn Forest, The Barrens, Winterspring, Dragonblight and Silithus. No one knows how this is happening, except that the enemies that come forth through these portals are all aggressive; Humans, Centaur, Tauren, Elves, Silithid and Nerubians. All of whom mention ‘the Hour of Twilight’.

    With the aid of the Timewalkers and the Bronze Dragonflight, we are able to freeze these portals and anchor them to the Hallways of Time (within the Caverns). There are portals leading to: Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Alternate Azeroth zones (Redridge in Azeroth, one of the hills in North Western Barrens, northern Winterspring and later, Tanaris, Dragonblight and Silithus).

    After their deliberations, the Timewalkers and the Bronze Dragonflight discover that several important events have not happened because of one thing; the Orcs never made it to Azeroth. Which means the Human kingdom of Stormwind is safe and did not need to be rebuilt by the Masons, the Human Kingdoms in the north never formed ‘the grand alliance’. The Horde was never formed on Kalimdor. The Red Dragons were never enslaved. The Scourge was never formed. Nordrassil was never assaulted. Teldrassil was not planted.

    While the dangers we see here are very real and threaten to break into our World, there are also some fundamental points.
    -While the Time Fractures can be fixed, the gateways into these places are anchored onto our world, unlike Draenor. Therefore, they become part of our world.
    -Because these are isolated locations anchored onto our world, some of the threats we face (The Nightmare, Yogg'Saron, C'thun) are mere echoes as they are no longer connected to their original source of power.
    -However, should the Nightmare break into our world and connect with our Emerald Dream, it will become fully fledged.
    -'Duplicates' of NPCs will not be allowed to traverse between the two worlds. While the new locations are anchored onto our world, two of the same person meeting would still cause a Time Fracture. This could be explored in quests.

    Main Hub: Hallways of Time (inner Caverns of Time sanctum)

    General Information
    -Increases level Cap by 10 levels.
    -New Professions/Quests/World Quests.
    -3 new levelling zones (Azeroth, Plains of Kalimdor, Forests of Kalimdor)
    -Racial talents.
    -Spider-Web Talent Trees.
    -Paragon Points (Endgame system).

    Assault on Stormwind (R) - 6 bosses.
    Nordrassil (R) - 12 bosses. (Night Elf City, as Teldrassil was not grown as there was no Third War)
    Razorfen Hold (R) - 3 bosses. (Filler Raid)
    Azjol'Nerub (R) - 7 bosses. (Patch X.1.0)
    The Infinite Caverns (R) - 8 bosses. (Patch X.2.0)
    Ahn'Qiraj (R) - 12 bosses. (Patch X.3.0)

    Racial Talents
    -Addressing the core concern of offensive/defensive/utility talents that each race has.
    Example: Night Elves can choose between Shadowmeld, Touch of Elune or Quickness.
    -This will help to solidify core Racial Identities.

    Spider-Web Talent Trees
    -Essentially changing the talent trees to look like the Artifact trees. Except there is a section for each spec. Some of the points will require points from the other areas.
    Example: A Paladin tree will have a Web that has a Holy, Protection and Retribution 'section'. However, to gain access to 'Consecrated Hammer' (throw a Hammer down on the ground to do damage and healing) the Paladin will be required to spec into both Retribution and Holy points.

    Paragon Points
    -As in other games, any extra 'XP' you receive while at Max Level will be transferred into Paragon Points.
    -These can be used to purchase a wide variety of equipment; from old Tier/PVP Ensembles, to buffs while doing old content, pets, mounts and more.

    -Lands covering Elwynn Forest, Darkshire (Grand Hamlet), Redridge Mountains and Westfall.
    -The Time Portal has opened up in the North Eastern part of Redridge Mountains.
    -The entrances to Burning Steppes, Stranglethorn and Deadwind Pass are all blocked off.
    Darkshire: is renamed ‘Grand Hamlet’ and has has internment camps for captured Gurubashi Trolls. Infinites operate around the World Tree.
    Redridge Mountains: This area is being militarised around the Time Portal; their main base being Stonewatch Keep
    Westfall: This area is the breadbasket of the Human Kingdom, with hugely successful farms and markets; their main centre is Stoutmantle Hold.
    Elwynn Forest: This area is the centre of the Stormwind Kingdom. The area is fortified and has training camps for Knights, newly-trained Paladins and Wolf-Trainers. The presence of the Prestor family and the Infinites will be felt here most.

    Central Kalimdor
    -Lands covering the Barrens and Durotar.
    The Barrens: This area is in open warfare between the Centaur clans (North), nomadic Tauren (Scattered) and the Razorfen Quillboar (South). The Night Elves have a presence in Central Barrens around the rebuilt city of Then’Ralore.
    -The Razorfen Quillboar are largely corrupted by the Nightmare, which has corrupted Agamaggan.
    -The Centaur Clans are influenced by Katrana Prestor.
    -The Night Elves are defending their city from a siege of both Quillboar, Centaur and the Infinite Dragonflight. They seem uncorrupted somehow.
    -The Taurens are being harassed in several locations.
    Durotar: This is almost entirely controlled by the Razormane Quillboar, who are aligned with their brethren in the Razorfen Tribe in the Barrens. The Razormane have created a dense city where Orgrimmar would traditionally be.
    -Access to Mulgore, Dustwallow Marsh, Ashenvale, Thousand Needles and Stonetalon Mountains has been prevented.

    Forests of Kalimdor
    -This covers Felwood, Winterspring, and Southern Mount Hyjal.
    -The Time Portal has opened up in Northern Winterspring at The Hidden Grove.
    -The first few quests are based on exploration, until the various questlines begin to merge and the threat is uncovered in southern Hyjal.
    Felwood is renamed Ironwood Forest, due to the location of Ironwood Trees.
    Winterspring: Everlook is gone. Lake Kel'Theril is a Kaldorei town. Mazthoril is home to the Infinite Dragonflight. Frostsaber Rock is a fortified Kaldorei training hold.
    -Access to Ashenvale has been prevented.

    Patch X.1.0: Time Fractures / Dragonblight
    Time Fractures (Invasions): The Infinite Dragonflight has caused Time Fractures across Elwynn Forest, Redridge Mountains, Southern/Northern Barrens, Durotar and Winterspring.
    -Dragonblight: New zone with additional max level content that players can explore. The Wyrmrest Temple is now The Infinite Temple. The Dragonshrines are under attack and the Taunka/Human settlements need assistance. Angrathar is no longer here as the Scourge was never formed.
    -Access to Grizzly Hills, Borean Tundra and Crystalsong Forest has been prevented.

    Patch X.2.0: Tanaris / Tanaris Time Fractures.
    -The Timewalkers/Bronze Dragonflight have located the Infinite Dragonflights base in these broken timestreams. The Caverns of Time!
    -The Infinites have roused the Silithid and the Farraki Trolls have a fortified position who become our allies.
    -A Silithid Broodmaster and her minions have made a base in a cave system underneath Tanaris, aligned with the Infinite Dragonflight.
    -Time Fractures have opened up in Silithus (Main World) with forces rushing in to fight.
    -Entrance to Uldum, Thousand Needles and Un'goro Crater has been prevented.

    Patch X.3.0: Un'Goro Crater / Silithus / Un'Goro and Silithus Time Fractures
    -With the Infinite Dragonflights help, the Silithid Broodmother managed to awaken an Echo of C’thun and his Silithid army.
    Silithus: The Infinite Dragonflight have took control of parts of the mountains around Silithus as part of an Infinite Dragonflight hatchery. Ahn'Qiraj is a fully established, corrupted Titan Prison.
    Scholazar Basin: Growing Silithid presence which threatens Tanaris (From Patch X.2.0)
    -Time Fractures have opened up in Silithus (Main World) which need to be pushed back by champions.

    -The World is been assaulted via the Time Fractures.
    -There is a lot of diversity here and theory based on what would happen without any Orcs.
    -The Infinite Dragonflight siphons the power of the Echo of C'thun, in order to empower the real C'thun who can break free from his chains and bring about The Hour of Twilight and the Rise of the Black Empire.
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    I mean couldn’t sargares sword be a raid, it reminds me of the forelands raid u just enter it somewhere

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    Any expansion theme, as long as it feels fresh (I'm fine with Dragon Isles, NO alternate Azeroth like Shadowlands/Emerald Dream, etc...)

    All I care about is customization and player identity stuff such as:

    - New Race customizing options (most of them face related, eye colors, eyebrows, piercings or facepaint, long beards for humans, etc... )
    - Vanity Gear slot (a visual item on your character, for example: glowing ring, amulet on neck, quiver on back, book hanging on belt, etc...)
    - Mount Gear slot (a visual item on your mount saddle, for example: hanging head of onyxia, bags full your profession mats, hanging trinkets, etc...)
    - Gear Tints (change the color in your gear)


    - Player Housing and every zone in the game had a plot that you could pick (fully customizable plot, tons of decors to collect, where you could even create a custom scenario/dungeon and invite friends to clear it for vanity loot, etc...) (just NO Auction House, bank or profession store/gear, so players would still have to go to city to interact with those)

    *breaths heavily*

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