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    Am I the only one who is greatly annoyed not about the rng, but the mechanics of the corruption? I DON’T WANT these negative effects with me all the time. Any of them at any time. I don’t want more affixes on top of M+ affixes and more mechanics on top of mechanics in mythic raid. Both activities are challenging enough. But if I refuse to play this whole system and just cleanse all the items, will I even be competitive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Levogames View Post
    They still have RNG bc the static ranges are only the stat buff. You can still get them with more or less corruption.
    People still hate corrupted items.
    To make it easier to read fore everyone:

    Bonus X and Y has different corruption: Yes, this is true. This is the fact for the same bonus but a higher value or another bonus. As always, different items have differnt corruption too.

    What was removed in the last PTR was the most critical part:

    Bonus X has always the same corruption, there are no longer any corruption ranges: For example: you can't have a +6% critical strike damage with 11 corruption when you are lucky or with 19 when you are unlucky. This was the main part of the RNG-Fiasco, something that was or is removed from the PTR. This above mentioned hypotetical item for example will always have 14 corruption. Another rank of it has higher corruption yes, but it is always fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    No. As the blue post stated the intent is that corruption is tied to the strength of the affix. a +4% haste affix would give +10 corruption with a +6% giving +15 corruption. Numbers are obviously made up but the amount of corruption is always fixed. There is not extra layer of hunting for the best corruption roll on an item.

    All you are looking for is it the right affix (what you called stat/proc). It doesn't have to be the right item because they can roll on any slot that can be corrupted. Is it corrupted is the same spot as does it have an affix because they are the same. You purposefully added a step so you can make your complain seem like the system is worse then it is.
    Now yes, originally it was three tiers 2%,3%,4% and then the corruption for each tier had a range with a base start up to five more.

    Hence, the current blue post change making the corruption static. They made a change once they realized the RNG was a little more than needed.

    Anyways, this discussion is pointless now. When originally posted though yes, the corruption came in a range. And you want it on the right item, you get the corruption on an item you don't want or that isn't going to be an upgrade you are basically going to only hold it until you get the BiS item with the right corruption stat. Yes, any of them can roll that, but overall in a BiS scenario you want it on an item you aren't going to replace or create a side grade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoldor View Post
    Now yes, originally it was three tiers 2%,3%,4% and then the corruption for each tier had a range with a base start up to five more.
    Your post still came after the blue post was made, which is why I corrected you. You were still trying to make a point based of of out dated information. The blue post wasn't just to mark the change to a fixed value for corruption but to explain what they intend with the system and how the current build was already out dated. You know to cut off all the complaining about data mined info.

    Of course you want the affix to roll on an item you are not going to replace or create a side grade from. Having affixes capable of existing on any slot doesn't change that. Because that is what a best in slot item is. The best in slot. It is also silly to say that you'll be creating side grades for items when hunting for specific affixes. If the affixes are the closely matched then there is hardly any RNG for the system. Because you don't need specific affixes to be good. You just need them to get an extra .1% on specific situations.
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    Just the worst system alogside titanforging. Blizzard should remove all those "original" rng features

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