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    You don't think a leak you wrote yourself sounds creative? This would have been more believable if you didn't post it on a new account. You see, that makes it seem like you're trying to pass this off as a leak you wrote, but in your own text you contradict yourself where you pretend like you got this from someone else.
    I don't believe the leak because why would there be high elves for the Horde. I mean, there are other dead giveaways as well but come-on. If they gave High Elves as a customization option for Blood Elves, the forums would implode.

    As for what you said, I mean, ideally he could leak information that he knows and still not find it interesting. Still fake though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowlands View Post
    Ok, I don't think this leak looks any creative either. That's it when Blizzard is lazy and just pulls out stuff that is easy to implement, but still get players to play because it sounds cool.

    WoW: Shadowlands

    -new max lv cap 60

    -allied races:
    Lighbound Undead (alliance)
    Unknown Worgen Skeleton rig creature (Horde)
    Neutral Allied Race: Drakonid (Neutral)
    -This will finish off the Allied race spots. Next races that will come in the future will be normal races.

    -New customization options for old races:
    Wildhammer Dwarves for Dwarves
    Thin Humans for humans
    Taunka for Tauren
    High Elves for Blood Elves
    Gilgoblins for Goblins
    Broken Draenei for Draenei

    -Undeads can now toggle to be upright.

    Class Paragon Skins:
    Dragonflame Death Knight
    Dark Shaman
    Necromancer (warlock)
    and more coming
    -Unlocked at max level through a challenging quest chain

    -New Hero Class:
    Dark Ranger
    -lead by Sylvanas Windrunner
    -Requires a level 50

    -all races can now be death knights
    -Death Knights starts at level 40

    -New secondary profession

    -7 new dungeons
    -2 new raids
    -2 new arenas (One located in a Ghost Castle Arena with ghosts cheering)
    -1 New Battleground

    -New Realm:
    Shadowlands, 5 new zones
    -Shadowlands is beautiful in it's own twisted way
    -Dark, but still so many bright colors from effects, skyboxes and details
    -New Capital City (Hub): Icecrown Citadel

    -New Zone:
    Dragon Isles
    -This is where players will start off
    -First in a scenario, then into open world
    -A part of it also serves as the new Death Knight starting area for Allied Races and Pandaren

    -Azeroth Revamped:
    Alliance in control of Northern Eastern Kingdoms (Including Gilneas)
    Horde in control of North-western Kalimdor

    -Draenei and Blood Elves starting zones revamped and are now a part of the World Map.
    -Silvermoon will no longer have Fel Crystals and will look more high elven and breathtaking

    -Many new quests in the revamped world.
    -New Void, Old God and Ghost influence out in the open world.

    -Alliance and Horde can now adventure togheter while not in Warmode.
    -Full guild UI redesign
    -Guild halls (Sadly, the halls will be located in Shadowlands)
    -PvP redesign

    -Soulforge: new AP type of grind
    -Unlockable new abilities while leveling, random order

    -World Quests are staying, but fewer per zone.
    -Some dailies filling the spots of fewer World Quests.
    -Titanforging removed
    -Warforging here to stay (Not from Raids).
    -Corruption system on gear here to stay.

    -We sail to Dragon Isles from Stormwind & Orgrimmar.
    -Portal to Shadowlands atop of Icecrown citadel.

    -Lich King, Dragon Aspects, Nathanos and Sylvanas part of the Dragon Isles Quest Chain and Scenarios.

    -New way to unlock flying, Quest chain from the very beginning after you have unlocked the Dragon Isles Zone, timegated quests.
    -Shadow Rifts throughout the world
    -New dungeon type:
    -Lairs: automatically random generated dungeons with many different combinations. 1-5 players.
    -Expert Lairs: automatically random generated dungeons with many different combinations, harder than normal Lairs, with more tactics and items and puzzlesolving needed to delve further in. Much like Horrific Visions. 1-5 players.

    Key characters:

    Bwonsamdi the false Loa
    Vol'jin the new Loa
    Bolvar Fordragon (The Lich King) - will be allied with Horde and the Alliance in the beginning
    Taelia Fordragon
    Dragon Aspecs
    King Terenas
    Nathanos Blightcaller
    Calia Menethil
    Genn Greymane

    -we meet with the noble Kyrian
    -"Dragon Aspects" Reputation Grind, Taking the place of "Heroes of Azeroth".
    -There will be ghost ships
    This sounds amazing, hope it be real

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    Sounds more and more plausable by the day...

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    So just have to be that guy but: Who knew! It was BS all along!
    I feel like the world but especially these forums needs to see a return of Good Citizenship Classes. That I keep needing to explain to people that private organizations saying "You can't say that here" is them exercising their Freedom of Expression not them impeding yours AND that the enshrined legal right to say something abhorrent does not protect you from the consequences of saying such things, is an absolute indictment of whatever education system these people have gone through.

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