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    [CLASSIC] Mage BIS lists - no consistency - Need answers

    Hey everyone,
    I've been looking everywhere for mage BIS lists and it appears every website has DIFFERENT values!
    This is getting really annoying as we are raiding and different mages have different "BiS" items.

    Our guild is saying that 1 spell damage = 8 intellect. Is this factual?
    If so how is ANY Tier 1 piece bis even worth it even with the set bonus?
    Considering you can get 21 frost damage from wrists, 40 from the head, and 30 from the feet, how does Tier 1 even compare?
    These three pre raid BIS items have 91 total spell damage. Where as the T1 set of the Wrists-head-feet have a total of 43 spell damage + 18 3 set (61 total).
    This is a difference of 30 spell power! (NOTE the 3 set would also include a 1 % hit and 1% crit - but is that worth 30 SP???).

    On top of this looking at Phase 2 BIS lists it seems to get even worse. Most lists saying the T2 helmet is BiS - this helmet has 32 SP + 26 int.. which seems worse than 40 SP from the phase 1 BIS list. Also the PVP feet seem to be listed as BiS and the math is the same story with those..

    So im looking to clear some things up.. do mages want ANY Tier 1 raid gear... and whats the math behind it?
    Is there a trusted BiS list somewhere that is consistent and has all these answers?

    Thanks guys

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    Most t1 pieces suck for pve. You'll want the helmet for sure and 2 other pieces for the 3 set bonus. Most people go for boots + bracers. But this depends a lot on what other gear you have available.

    Our guild is saying that 1 spell damage = 8 intellect. Is this factual?
    No it isn't factual. It's absurd.

    Don't even try to compare intellect with spell damage. Spell damage is always better. I've seen a few mages that think intellect gives them spell damage (probably coming from BFA).

    There's a reason why most of your pre-raid BiS or even BiS lists for mage are filled with frozen wrath greens with spell damage without any additional stats.

    In a raid scenario you want to stack spelldamage + spell hit. You don't care about intellect. You use mana potions and get other buffs/runes.

    Also the PVP feet seem to be listed as BiS and the math is the same story with those.
    They have spellhit and you can pair them with shoulders from rank 10 and have the 2 set bonus which adds even more spell damage.
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    I do not remember the exact numbers but in the longer raid fights I think it turns out to be 7-8 int per 1 spell power, and like 50-70 spirit per 1 spell power. Most gear will not give you enough to justify INT/SPR over damage so just go for higher damage when you can. You still need some healthly stamina to survive the basic raid encounters however.

    It has been so long since I have raided vanilla but my old guild cleared most of AQ40 and about half of Naxx and I got buy using hardly ANY raid sets. Most pre raid blues are better than arcanist other than boots/wrist combo AND most raid non set epics are better than every raid set.

    Finally, Spell hit is the most important stat for PvE. You always cap that out first but I do not think you can reach that cap till ZG.
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    The trouble with spellpower vs int vs crit vs hit is that it's not linear at all. so you simply can't make a statement like 8 int = 1 sp without knowing where your stats are currently.

    Contrary to what zEmini said above, spellhit is not like it is in other expansions. it's actually less important to be hit capped. For my mage which is around ilvl 60, 1% hit is worth about 13 spellpower, and it's better to swap out an item if you get more spellpower than hit equivalent spellpower.

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