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    Lightbulb Easy fix for underperforming specs

    -Problem is that bleeds do absolutely nothing even with bloodtalons and 3x masterful instincts
    -Ferals are forced into feral frenzy builds
    +Increase dmg of bleeds by 50% in pvp. This would make rake occassionally crit for 17k and rip for 10k
    +Take shapeshifting off gcd
    +Lower ferobite dmg to compensate

    -Problem is that scatter and trap are on same dr
    +Simply changing this would make the spec playable

    -Problem is that there are no selfhealing and dots dont do anything
    +Buff siphon life healing to 70%
    +Bring back fel flame as a way to extend dot duration
    +Bring back curse of exhaustion to have a meaningful kiting tool
    +Bring back fatal echoes from legion artifact as a trait

    -Problem is very low survivability and mobility
    +Either give them stronger snare and/or make ascendance a meaningful talent
    +Buff selfhealing a lot but Increase their cost

    -Problem is that assa is just superior spec mainly because wound poison
    +Give subtlety access to poisons
    +Make shadow dance stronger with 1 charge 1 min cooldown. This can be done by bringing back sanquinary vein.
    +Make shadowy duel baseline

    Also to balance things out these things need fixing
    -Havoc self healing. Manburn is not an issue, but most specs simply cant kill dh due to their ridiculous self heals and defensive kit.

    -Unholy dk self healing. Unkillable for most classes. Death strike is still way too powerful.

    -Fire mage with lucid dreams essence and blaster master traits is way too powerful. Combustion is guaranteed 100-0 or major defensive cd. Combustion needs longer cd or lucid dreams toned down.

    -Destruction self healing is way too powerful. People can counter their dmg but usually killing them is impossible.

    -Kings rest sword is broken in arenas. Weapon proc should not do 20% of someones dmg output.

    -Versatility scaling with things like resto shaman pack spirit is too strong. Top resto shamans have around 30% versatility. This makes pack spirit tick for over 15k through ms effects. This is stupid and boring.

    -Dmg in general is way too low. We have hp pools similar to Mop, but dps numbers are from mid-Cataclysm. In mop chaos bolt with cooldowns did roughly 250-300k damage now 130k is considered big. Games last too long and are boring dampening fests no matter what comp you play.

    -Too many stupid trinkets in pvp. Tank and healing trinkets should be unusable in rated pvp.

    -Ridiculous amounts of combat routine bots. These plague rbgs so hard that almost half of teams over 2.1k cr are bots. They are quite common in arenas too with autojuke script being really common. No matter how fast you are you cant interrupt these.

    -Capping takes way too long and pvp gear is shit anyyway. Want to play an alt? You need to win over 300 games to have conquest points for full gear to even stand a chance 1800+. Timegated essences and mythic+ giving vastly superior gear does not help either.

    -Game needs more cc for classes other than rogue/mage/warlock. Bring back ns hex, ns clone (for balance and feral).

    -Healer dps other than disc priest needs to be toned down. Holy paladins and resto druids should not be able to dish out 60k crits. Mw monk is somewhat ok.

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    Yea - the problem is them not realizing that Feral dots ticking for like 500 damage is a problem.

    The problem isn't ineptitude, it's unwillingness. Because, shockingly, this isn't just a '1 hotfix and everythings gonna be solved forever' thing, it's a thing that requires updates just as constantly as pve balance... something they also only do like once every 6 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorthonion1 View Post
    They don't care

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    You would probably have a better time submitting information like this directly to them and seeing what they think. Not that it will get you anywhere, but if you're really intent on telling them what you think you could try joining the PTR with the next content.
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    They don't care.


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    Dh self healing is not a problem. If you don't do it properly you won't heal for anything. It's about pressing the buttons in the right situations. I know loads of dhs that can't even self heal, and others that self heal so much it makes people makes threads like this.

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    All classes (with some reservation with hunters) have at least 1 viable pvp spec. The game is the most balanced than it's been in ages, perhaps ever. Lack of fun in PvP is a different issue imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absalons View Post
    -Kings rest sword is broken in arenas. Weapon proc should not do 20% of someones dmg output.
    Its a bleed proc, if it does 10% of your overall damage is just means you did nothing but got kited and all damage you could do were either dots or bleeds to your target.

    With normal uptime its sub 5% damage done.

    If you see 20% from the proc, it means to took out a melee completly out of the fight and kited him for 99-100% of the time and he did 20-30% of his damage at best.

    You cant even lose in such a condition, because there is just not enough preassure from a 20%-Getikku damage done DPS.
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    Your aff changes are hilarious and would do literally nothing to help aff. Fatal echos isn't gonna make aff viable and even at 70% SL wouldn't be relevant. The reality is dots, overall, do no damage, and the spec is squishy.

    The problems aff has in pvp go back multiple xpacs and blizzard likely has no intention of fixing them. If you want an actual fix for aff in BFA arena (to hold the spec over until next xpac, when real changes can be made) then something like "darkglare makes all dots immune to dispel" would do far more.

    The issue is dispel, the spec is 100% based around darkglare burst but someone pressing dispel 1 time nullifies that.

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    >+Make shadow dance stronger with 1 charge 1 min cooldown. This can be done by bringing back sanquinary vein.
    God i hated Sang vein
    and nightblade that DOES THE SAME THING

    Please, never bring these two back, ever.

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    Yeah, they don't care about pvp this expansion. They're throwing everything they have on the next one.
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    I think the dev team are playing more than you realize.

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