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    World of Warcraft: Dragon Isles with a new Dragonsworn class. Then maybe after that expansion World of Warcraft: Darklight void vs light expansion

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    What red star ?! How did I miss it?
    They won’t fund WoW anymore.

    At this point wow needs to go f2p if it continues the way it has been going...or risk losing its entire remaining playerbase to nw.

    Have you seen sir medieval’s latest video? Looks incredible and the likes and comments tell me this game will finally give us mmorpg fans what we have been asking from blizzard to no avail.

    Wow’s Job is not to make players happy or have fun, but to legally steal their money.

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    We know the next expansion will be Shadowlands, and then probably void lords, but what about after that???? IDEAS?
    Its most likely going to be Yrel invading azeroth and us fighting her army.

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