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    I have been playing a hunter since like mid vanilla same character same class sure i have had some alts but my hunter is my one and only main

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    Vanilla: Warrior
    TBC: Warrior
    WotLK: Warrior
    Cata: Warrior
    WoD: Warrior (Rerolled another one on Alliance side)
    Legion: Warrior (Back to the Horde)
    BFA: Warrior

    Classic WoW: Warlock (can't be arsed to go through the painful leveling and very gear dependancy of warriors all over again)

    Shadowlands: Definitely Warrior again.

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    Vanilla:warrior(just leveling. started at the very, very end just before BC launched)
    BC: Rogue, raided all through SW and only ever got the MH glaive.
    Wrath: DK. Sue me I like the dark knight thing
    Cata: DK
    Panda land: N/A fuck that bullshit
    WoD: DK
    Legion: DK
    BFA: DK
    Shadowlands:Probably still DK

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    rogue since day one. I have played some other classes from time to time as alts with several degrees of expertise (mainly DK and huntard) but they never posed a threat to my rogue.

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    Classic, BC, WoTLK, Cata, MoP, WoD, Legion, BfA, Shadowlands: Mage

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    Vanilla: Fury Warrior
    TBC: Fury Warrior
    Wotlk: Fury Warrior
    Cata: Fury Warrior
    MoP: Fury Warrior
    WoD: Fury Warrior
    Legion: Ret/Holy Paladin
    BfA: Ret Paladin - Fury Warrior
    Shadowlands: TBD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    What made you not be an emo during WoD? ...
    That's funny I needed a laugh. I enjoyed Demonology all the way through Mist... in WoD Demonology was gutted and Beast Master played like a quick cast version of old Demonology. In Legion Demon Hunters have this momentum build that plays different from every other melee that I found to be enjoyable. The wrappings actually came secondary to how they mechanically felt to play.
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    No fucking way. The worst idea since democracy.

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    I don't plan on it, but I do usually end up doing so.

    If a resubscribe at some point, I will switch an Alliance toon. Blizzard has destroyed the Horde for me.

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    No. My main has always been the priest but not always raided with that character with the guild, if that is a metric "main" is measured by. Raided with druid and shaman. Later with paladin and mage to alternate the role between guild members at the end of the XP.

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    Yes, thanks to an almost clockwork-esque tradition of somehow managing to make classes universally worse with each expansion. I'll spend a while on the PTR trying to determine what's the least un-fun to play rather than trying to decide on what's the most enjoyable.

    It'd be nice if this trend changed, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    I started playing late TBC

    TBC, Wrath and early Cata - NE Druid (resto)
    Mid Cata (Firelands) - Tauren paladin (Prot)
    Late Cata to WoD (Dragon Soul) - Dwarf warlock (mostly Demo)
    WoD to now Pandaren, then later Kul Tiran Warrior. (Prot)

    Will most likely play my Warrior into shadowlands.

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    I swap based on what class I find fun to play. Last couple expacs I've mained my rogue, before that it was either priest, druid, hunter, or dk, varying by tier. That said, I haven't bothered raiding (or playing much at all) this expansion because there are no class sets to make going into a raid worthwhile to me.
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    Vanilla: Alliance Hunter
    TBC: Rerolled Horde Demo Lock
    Wrath: Elemental and Enhance Shaman
    Cata: Break
    MoP: Break
    WoD: Break
    Legion: Guardian Druid -> BM Hunter
    BFA: Arcane Mage -> Rerolled back to Alliance for 1st time since TBC and playing Rogue (also PvPing alot more again how I missed BG!)

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    Yes since I get the complimentary boost and then just change

    Cata: shaman
    Mop: priest
    Wod: druid
    Legion: warrior
    Bfa: paladin
    Shadowlands: hunter i think
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    Nope - been playing my Druid (which was my first ever char) since Classic. My Mage and Paladin are the only two other characters that I’ve primarily/along side it as well.

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    Never, but I do often spec swap. Some of my mates are the same, while others are the other end of the spectrum, and don't last an expansion without swapping main class

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    I think I like my class so nope. Holy paladin since TBC. Except for WoD as I mained to allinace instead and could not afford realm and faction change back then so mained that alt.

    The main reason I play the same class is that I really enjoy playing it some expansions it was weak some expansions like now it is very strong. I just enjoy being a paladin
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    Only for Warlords because Gladiator warrior was so fun. Paladin will always be my main.

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    Vanilla : Warrior > Warlock
    TBC : Warlock > Shaman > Warlock
    Wotlk: Warlock
    Cata : Warlock
    Mop : Shaman > Warlock
    Wod: Monk > Hunter > Warlock > Druid
    Legion: Druid > DH > Shaman > Warlock
    Bfa: Warlock > quit > Priest > Shaman > DH

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