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    And here I am swapping mains every week lol.

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    Vanilla: Rogue
    BC: Rogue -> Priest
    WOTLK: Priest -> Rogue -> Priest
    Cata: Priest
    MOP: Priest, some shaman and rogue
    WOD: Priest, some shaman and rogue
    Legion: Priest, some shaman
    BFA: Priest -> Rogue

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    Nope I've mained warrior since BC and have no plans of changing that. Sometimes I'll play an alt almost as much as my main but warrior is always my go to.

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    tried, couldn't, so left the game
    i was warlock in vanilla, priest tbc/wrath, left in cata due to how healing became worse than even old times (at least old times we had downrank, f8ck early cata, even if no one do a single mistake and i was playing with 4rl friends, u still oom and use cds, on trash pulls), back in mop changed to paladin, then stayed paladin until bfa where i just left game
    for me the idea of change main is something i really hate
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    Vanilla: Shaman (scrub)
    TBC: Shaman (enh)
    WotLK: Shaman (enh, then in late Ulduar resto/enh, sometimes ele for fun)
    Cata: Mage for the 1st tier, then unsubbed
    MoP: Back to shaman enh, skipped all raiding tiers, came back for Siege and rerolled a Holy/Ret Pala
    WoD: Ret/holy paladin
    Legion: DH Havoc
    BfA: Started as DH but quickly rerolled to Warrior dps/tank

    Will possibly switch to ranged dps or monk mw/bm next xpac.

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    I began to play when ICC opened its gates, with a lock (affli/demono), then swapped to a blood dk at the very beginning of Cataclysm It was the only time I swapped and it'll likely be the last as I absolutely hate leveling alts (and I f-ing love blood dk).

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    I mained a mage from TBC till Nighthold, then swapped to a DH. This past tier, I found myself wishing I had a lock or spriest, and I believe I'll be making more fluid choices as time goes on
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    I am a patch swapper
    Used almost every class/spec since vanilla (xcept rogue)
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    I tried a couple of classes as main during Vanilla. My warlock was the most played of them. I swapped to Warrior in TBC when our MT just stop showing up some day. I have raided as Warrior in every raid ever since, swapping between dps and tank depending on what the guild needed, with the exception of Dragon Soul where I heal as a Shaman. No main picked from Classic so far, I might try Warrior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragu4 View Post
    I have a tendency to swap my main per expansion. Anyone else do it? Here's my record so far:

    Vanilla: N/A (played but not going to pretend I had a main)
    TBC: Hunter (PvP only)
    WOTLK: Paladin
    Cataclysm: Shaman
    MoP: Death Knight
    WoD: N/A
    Legion : N/A
    BFA: Priest

    I'm currently all in on classic (Shaman) but will play the new Xpac.

    I'm thinking of going full meme-tier with my 9.0 character. Either a Female Pandaran Warrior or Vulperan Warlock. But I do miss my DK and Paladin.
    I swap main like 2-3 times during the same xpack lol.

    Vanilla: Pally, Hunter
    TBC: Hunter, Pally, Mage, Priest
    Wrath: Mage, Priest, DK
    Cata: Mage, Hunter, Shaman
    MoP: Hunter, Priest, DK
    WoD: Shaman, DK
    Legion: Monk, Shaman, DK
    BfA: Hunter, Shaman, DK

    Each xpack the tmie spent on first mains until switching back to my "natural main" DK has been shorter so I'm probably gonna start off on DK in 9.0 unless there's some really bad news for the class at this point.
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    Druid straight up. Once I finished everything on my Druid, I normally get my DK next (The only other character so far who I've been able to get raid-capable among my alts). After that, I just lvl alts up to max in prep for the valentines event.
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    I was a death knight tank up until BFA where I main swapped to a hunter, after Uldir I swapped back because I missed tanking.

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    Are you kidding me? I swap every patch!
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    Played a holy paladin for a year.
    Holy priest for 9 years.
    DK for 4 years.

    Then shit went bananas and I started switching between my DK, rogue, priest, rogue, DK ,monk, stayed monk for a year or less, then I´m back to my priest.

    But the question is, who cares? Play what you enjoy

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    For me it was

    Vanilla: Hunter
    TBC: Prot pally
    Wrath: Ret pally
    Cata: DK
    Mists: Druid
    Warlords: Druid
    Legion: No main, went alt crazy for class mounts and artifact skins
    BFA: DH, but after trying out literally every DPS spec in the game. Class design is so bad right now.

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    Vanilla: Hunter
    TBC: Hunter
    WotLK: Death Knight and Druid
    Cata: Hunter I guess? This is the one I hopped around on the most
    MoP: Warlock
    WoD: Warlock
    Legion: Demon Hunter
    BfA: Warlock

    Ever since reputations became such a big deal for unlocking stuff, I've been hesitant to stray too far from the class I level up with first so typically the class I level first becomes my default main.

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    I main swap more frequently than that. The only time I didn't was from MoP launch until late HFC where I played monk(mostly WW). Before then I switched between druid, DK and paladin mostly, with a tier as mage as well. After monk, I played rogue on late HFC farm, then druid in EN/ToV/NH, warrior from Gul'dan until KJ died, shaman for Antorus, shaman/rogue/DH in Uldir, priest in BoD, priest/shaman in CoS and now warrior/paladin/shaman in EP. I've also played every class as at least an alt since Cata, however, so it's not like I've completely abandoned classes.
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    I'm going to be main swapping this next expac. It will be the first time i will have done so. Has always been my paladin. He has race changed and faction changed a couple times but I wil be starting over from scratch this time. Horde has always been my home but I'm going to be starting a new alliance toon, and leveling them up starting with this new expac.

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    Used to but Paragon rewards kinda killed the desire to. Though now that I finally hit the valajar mount, I'll decide based on what I see tomorrow

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    1) Vanilla - Warrior
    2) TBC - Hunter
    3) WOTLK - Hunter/Shaman
    4) Cata - Hunter/Shaman
    5) Pandas - Warlock/Shaman
    6) WoD - Hunter/Shaman
    7) Legion - DK/Paladin
    8) BFA - Paladin/Shaman

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