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    Not every expansion, but often enough. Usually happens after I start lvling alts and find one that has really fun gameplay. So in BfA I'm playing . . . a shaman in classic :P
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    Just in the recent expansions have I swapped main.
    Vanilla-TBC-WOTLK-Cata: Druid
    MoP: Rogue
    WoD: Mage
    Legion: Mage again due to quitting during WoD
    BfA: Warlock
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    I change every month

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    No, I changed mains 2 times in 15 years. The first time was because the class I wanted to play finally became available, the second time because over the years my RPG preferences became clear to me and I really liked the theme at the time.

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    During BfA i have main swapped almost every tier. The classes are just not enjoyable for me for any length of time. I get bored of each one very quickly, and unfortunately, only seem to enjoy one spec out of each class, if that. Even then i tire of them very quickly.

    Previous expacs i would have one "main" that i played for progression, and a secondary character that i used for farm bosses etc. The main stayed the same, but the secondary changed quite frequently. Sometimes i enjoyed my secondary character more, but the main had the gear and was in a good place balance wise, and the secondary might be a bit weaker but something i really enjoyed.

    Example being i mained Bear when they were very strong in heroic+ content, but prefered to play DK / Warrior.

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    Warlock from Vanilla - Wrath.
    DK tank (unholy) during 3/4 of wrath, then back to warlock.
    Warlock -> present and until something necromancer like replaces it. If that happens. Which won't.

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    vanilla : rogue
    bc : rogue + heal pala
    wotlk rogue + tank dk
    after that only tanks + rogue as alt

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    Yea I typically swap every expansion and sometimes mid expansion as well. Playing only 1 character seems feasible if you barely play the game. If you put ample hours in each week and only play one character, I don't know how you don't get bored.
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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    Vanilla: Hunter
    TBC: Hunter
    Wrath: Resto Druid
    Cata: Resto Druid
    MoP: Afk'd as Ret lul
    WoD: Resto Druid
    Legion: Guardian Druid/Blood DK
    BFA: Thus far I've maintained 5 toons at cap, but since I only Mythic raid on my Hunter that's my new Main?
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    This thread is a nice reminder that Blizzard can do something nice and still get absolutely shit on for it.

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    Vanilla: Warlock
    TBC: Warlock/Druid
    Wrath: DK
    Cata: Warlock/DK
    Mists: Everything
    Warlords: Everything
    Legion: DK/Warlock/Druid
    BFA: DK/Rogue/Warlock

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    I've always mained Enhancement Shaman up until BfA when I mostly play my Mage and Priest. I just got tired of the RNG aspect of enhancement. I still love the spec but I could do with the removal of the rng bullshit.

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    I've played since late cata (4.3 I think) and my first character was a worgen rogue. Come MoP I had two main characters, an Orc Monk and a Human Paladin that I've leveled side by side/mained since that time up to BfA.

    I'm considering a change for 9.0, just have to see what they have in store.

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    WOTLK: Mage
    Cata: Mage/DK
    Mists: Mage
    WoD: Mage/Priest
    Legion: Priest
    BFA: Priest/Monk

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    vanilla: priest
    TBC: shaman
    Wotlk: DK
    Cata onward: warrior

    and im finding it REALLY difficult to step away from my warrior. i contemplated switching with Legion and BfA and every time i ended right back where i started. somehow i feel very connected to it and feel bad to go to a new toon and not have those green reputation bars completely filled....because that's really what differes between e new and old toon every far the old reputation bars are filled...
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    Hunter in vanilla/TBC
    Boomkin from 3.0 in TBC, through WotLK to Cata
    Mage in Cata
    Shaman/Hunter in MoP(barely)
    Rogue first half of WoD, Mage last half.
    Mage first 3 months in Legion, but then I leveled my hunter and fell in love with Marksman so much that I just changed main.
    Then changed to Holy Paladin in ToS, and just at the end of Legion I played Hunter again.
    Started as Hunter in BfA, though MM was screwed over, took a break(not voluntarily) then came back halfway in BoD, then changed main to Demon Hunter.
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    TBC: Shaman
    WotLK: Shaman and Warrior
    CATA: Shaman and Warrior
    MoP: Warrior
    WoD: Shaman
    Legion: Shaman
    BfA: Shaman

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    Vanilla: Druid (veeery casual)
    Late BC-now: Priest (raided almost all the time)
    Classic: Warrior

    Nerh, would have gone priest in Classic too if we didn't already have one in the friends group. I don't really reroll

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    Yes, I like to keep things fresh. Used to change almost every tier back when I had more time.

    Vanilla: Warlock
    TBC: Paladin/Warlock
    Wrath: Priest
    Cata: Priest/Druid
    MOP: Warlock
    WOD: Druid
    Legion: Shaman
    BfA: Paladin

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    TBC: Rogue
    Wrath: Rogue to Shaman
    Cata: Warlock
    MOP: Monk to Hunter
    WOD: Hunter
    Legion: Shaman
    BFA: Shaman

    Classic: Hunter

    Next expansion probably going to continue with Shaman, if the class and expansion looks good.

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    Vanilla: Shaman (0/30/21)
    TBC: Shaman (elemental) & Paladin (Retribution. Payed equally, so both were mains.
    WotLK: Death Knight (mainly 2H Frost, though I experimented a lot due to the freedom of the talent tree system), Paladin (Retribution) & Rogue (Assassination). This expansion had me switching between 3 characters. That's how good it was.
    Cataclysm: Rogue (Assassination? Can't remember.) and Death Knight (2H Frost).
    MoP: Rogue (No idea what I used, only played during the tail end of the expansion).
    WoD: Mage (frost).
    Legion: Demon Hunter (Havoc).
    BFA: Mage (Frost) and Death Knight (Frost, even if's miserable). (Alliance and Horde, just for allied races, otherwise I'd have played one.)

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