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    Vanilla: Shaman
    TBC: Shaman
    Cataclysm: DK
    MoP: DK
    WoD: DK
    Legion : DK
    BFA: DK

    Honestly.. there were times I wanted to swap away from DK but as a completionist and a collector, it is so hard to give up all the achievements, collectibles, legendaries, reps, grinds, quest chians, mogs etc.. that you have on your main toon that I am basically stuck with it forever..

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    Vanilla - Paladin (Tank)
    TBC - Warlock (SL/SL)
    WotlK - Warlock (SL/SL) and Hunter (all specs)
    Cata - didnt play much
    MoP - didnt play much
    WoD - Paladin (Retribution)
    Legion - Paladin (Holy) and Hunter (BM)
    BFA - Warlock (Affli) and Paladin (Holy)

    The most enjoyable: TBC SL/SL Warlock, Legion Holy Paladin and BM Hunter.

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    Mained a Night Elf Warrior in classic and most of BC.

    Started leveling a Human Paladin late BC, been my main ever since.

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    Vanilla: Hunter
    TBC: Hunter
    WotLK: Death Knight
    Cata: Priest
    Panda: Hunter
    WoD Hunter
    Legion: Demon Hunter
    BfA: Hunter

    My hunter has some unique pets and history that I just can't part with. I also love the play style of the hunter. I still play my Demon Hunter and I am an altoholic.

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    My main has always been the same, since I created it in Vanilla - Night Elf Druid.
    But every expansion I level another primary alt first, and I try to keep that one thematically in-line with the expansion. Have a feeling this coming expansion my DK will get its turn in the limelight again

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    Vanilla: Druid
    TBC: Mage
    WotLK: Rogue
    Cata: n/a
    Panda: n/a
    WoD: n/a
    Legion: Druid -> Mage -> Paladin -> Monk (GM was very fond of me switching mains every patch...)
    BfA: n/a

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    I have this thing where I watch Blizzcon and get the feeling this add-on will be a X add-on. WoD had strong Pally Vibes, Legion was Druid. BFA was oh well fuck this druids are convenient.

    Vanilla: Warrior
    TBC: Warlock
    Wotlk: Warlock (DK for ICC cause main tank quit)
    Cata: DK
    Mop: Warlock
    WoD: Paladin
    Legion: Druid
    BFA Druid (started leveling my lock this week)

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    Nope. Been playing the same Holy Priest for the last fifteen years.

    Sometimes I'll swap up what alts I focus on.

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    Vanilla: Warlock (raided all the way up to Naxx)

    Switched to Holy Priest in TBC and been playing the same character ever since.

    TBC: Priest
    Wrath: Priest
    Cata: Priest
    MoP: Priest
    WoD: Priest
    Legion: Priest
    BFA: Priest
    Next Expansion: Priest
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragu4 View Post
    I have a tendency to swap my main per expansion. Anyone else do it? Here's my record so far:

    Vanilla: N/A (played but not going to pretend I had a main)
    TBC: Hunter (PvP only)
    WOTLK: Paladin
    Cataclysm: Shaman
    MoP: Death Knight
    WoD: N/A
    Legion : N/A
    BFA: Priest

    I'm currently all in on classic (Shaman) but will play the new Xpac.

    I'm thinking of going full meme-tier with my 9.0 character. Either a Female Pandaran Warrior or Vulperan Warlock. But I do miss my DK and Paladin.
    I don't think I swapped on Alliance. But on the Horde I switched back and forth my frost DK and my feral Druid.

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    I mained Paladin in Wrath, Paladin in Cata, Monk in Mists followed by Hunter for Siege, Priest in WoD, Paladin/DH in Legion and now DH in BfA. Hoping to go back to my Paladin but I hate having to use Inquisition. Its such a boring ass talent. Might go rogue cause stealth is the shit, though I wish they would buff Subtlety.

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    I usually play two characters every expansion. (I started the game with BC)

    BC -Warrior/Rogue
    Wotlk - DK/Pally
    Cata - DK (Didnt really like this expansion much so quit after firelands)
    MoP - DK/Rogue
    WoD - Rogue/DK
    Legion - Rogue/Druid
    BFA - Rogue/Warrior

    Will be swapping to ranged dps while alting a rogue, cuz u know.. rogues.

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    Vanilla: Lock
    BC: Mage
    WoTLK: Mage/Paladin (Switched for ICC)
    Cata: Mage/Shaman (Switched for Firelands)
    MoP: Shaman/DK (Switched for SoO)
    WoD: DK
    Legion: DK
    BFA: DK
    Next: Probs DK

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    I usually main cloth, although my first max levels are usually palas or dk's for the mounted speed boost and tanking opportunities.
    In legion I mained a priest, since I really enjoyed holy during that expansion, but the game is the most fun to me as fire mage or destruction lock in random battlegrounds, so that's where I eventually end up.

    Vanilla to wrath - lock
    Cata to WoD - mage
    Legion - priest
    BFA - no main

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    Open Beta of Vanilla: Shaman
    Rest of WoW: Balance Druid since release of WoW

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    funny, i just posted a thread with the same question

    yeah, i usually do

    think i will choose the new (hopefully soon announced) class for the next expansion
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    I have always had 2-3 mains per xpac that I play equally, but that Died in Legion and totally in BFA I hate leveling. Most of my characters are still level 100. I have not really leveled more than one character per xpac since WOD.

    Vanilla- I could not decide, but my Hunter and Rogue were highest around 45 or so
    BC- I finally leveled a Hunter to max and raided T4 and part of T5 then leveled a Druid which I then swapped to
    Wrath- Druid Healed, swapped to DK and he was my jam until they destroyed the class for CATA
    Cata- DK tank because Druid healed and tanked
    MOP- Paladin DPS/ Tank then Priest Disc, and Monk Tank was amazing
    WOD- Didn't really play this expansion because it was pure shit. leveled Pala, Shammy, Hunter, Priest, Druid. But never raided or really did anything.
    Legion- Disc Priest until I realized how they raped it and totally destroyed is after MOP, then swapped to DK DPS until I realized how shit that is without Blood DPS so then I quit
    BFA- Played a Monk Healer for 3 weeks then unsubbed because the game I think is dead for me.

    Classic- Been playing a Warlock currently 49 and a Paladin currently lvl 18

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    Quote Originally Posted by ercarp View Post
    Shadowlands: Dark Ranger

    (The joke being that it's not that different.)
    Since you know shadowlands gonna be xpac I oifr wjhio24ej9i8potr2u5tpiw<UMV PO)"Z U%)W<=Q$"UTMG)(24 zutg9ß82 MZU"$879pbm 6u5829V%M/ N()V n7)(Q!"§</NV%P=)Ö7n5z b6t3189pöloq !Q3ö98PO>v 5trun9opö081^"§ECXDM U)O(PLÖM§X$(!°")PÖOLN=V47rnzu bfö9!>Q

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulululu View Post
    Since you know shadowlands gonna be xpac I oifr wjhio24ej9i8potr2u5tpiw<UMV PO)"Z U%)W<=Q$"UTMG)(24 zutg9ß82 MZU"$879pbm 6u5829V%M/ N()V n7)(Q!"§</NV%P=)Ö7n5z b6t3189pöloq !Q3ö98PO>v 5trun9opö081^"§ECXDM U)O(PLÖM§X$(!°")PÖOLN=V47rnzu bfö9!>Q
    No, never really looked at it that way.

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    For me it was like this.

    Vanilla: I originally made a Hunter at launch, but switched to a Druid about a week in. Stuck with him throughout the whole classic adventure.

    Burning Crusade: Druid, again. For practically the entire expansion until just up to a few months before Wrath.

    Wrath: Mage, it started as a alt project in late TBC but I fell in love with the play style and she served me well into ICC.

    Cataclysm: For the first few months I focused on my Mage, but switched to my Priest alt at the time for most of it.

    MOP: I finally found my "main" class and spec. Shadow Priest.
    WoD: More of the same. Priest spent a lot of time in a garrison.
    Legion: Absolutely, by far my favorite time playing my Priest. But the artifact stories forced me into making a lot of alts.

    BFA: We come to today's expansion. I originally was playing my Shadow Priest for the first two months, but became incredibly agitated at the then-state of Shadow. Ended up picking up my Paladin alt as a tank. She is my current main and I plan on rotating between her and my Priest in Shadowlands or whatever comes next.

    As for Classic. I'm maining a Priest, checking out old-school Shadow.

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